Q&A: InstantAction pulls out of GarageGames

To most people Web browser-based games entail finding a way out of an utterly obnoxious room or punting an adorable penguin as many furlongs as possible until it lands, typically in the most gruesome fashion conceivable. However, the indie game gurus at GarageGames are hoping to change that perception with InstantAction, an online portal that promises "console-quality" games aimed at a hardcore audience.

GarageGames has already signed on support from both established developers and up-and-coming indie talent. In October, Bungie cofounder Alex Seropian's Wideload Games announced it would be contributing a launch title to the service titled Cyclomite. Currently, more than 12 games are in development, and while GarageGames wasn't willing to confirm rumors that InstantAction would feature a Starsiege Tribes successor, a first-person shooter is definitely in the works for the service.

Backed by media conglomerate IAC, GarageGames plans to roll out InstantAction in January 2008. Beta testing is currently underway, and those interested in participating can sign up through GarageGames' InstantAction placeholder site.

To get a better idea of how InstantAction will deliver hardcore games through a casual-friendly medium, GameSpot recently spoke with GarageGames CEO Josh Williams.

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