Firmware Update 2.0 Available Now

Firmware 2.00 is available for download right now! Users on the east coast in North America have reported to have been able to download the firmware starting a little while ago.

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MikeGdaGod4002d ago

installing...............*yawn *

Assassin4hire4002d ago

after i was done downloading said congrats for being the first person in your region for downloading the update! isnt that weird...kinda cool though

demolitionX4002d ago

I liked the new update! new theme is awesome

Kleptic4002d ago

my god the sniper level in CoD 4 is about the coolest thing I have ever played...finished that, then decided to download this 2.0 thing to play more online...I am officially addicted...

I really am pissed about the lack of in game messaging...but updates an update...its not adding anything bad...its just not adding what I wanted first...

by the way this download is probably the fastest update I have ever done...anyone else?...2 minutes and I am already at 60%...these things usually take like 20 minutes total on a good day...

tethered4002d ago

It doesn't have in-game XMB but I'll take anything that makes the PS3 better. Now I just need a PSP. Soon, very soon.

ruibing4002d ago

Is that peeing on KMart's (it's scary I've been around the ps3 section long enough to remember trolls more than fans) avatar? It's very cool.

Anyways, I haven't found myself using most of their features. I think for developers in-game XMB would be good, but only if it doesn't sacrifice memory usage. In fact, as a gamer, I would rather they make the XMB even more efficient instead so the developers can make better games. Not the greatest update, but it still has some pretty solid features that some people have obviously been asking for in the playstation blog.

snoop_dizzle4002d ago

they are supposed to release the uncharted demo later right?

C_SoL4002d ago

got it downloadin here in the WestCoast...

xplosneer4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Pretty cool. Not the bets but cool none the less.
Anybody seen the new design of the chatroom? that's awesome.
Even better:PLAYLISTS! Music AND Photos.
"Seven Nation Army"
To top it off new Motorstorm content and Uncharted Demo plus a minimum day on top of it all. SWEET.

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The story is too old to be commented.