COD4 Xbox 360 v PS3 Texture Comparison

Taken from, a Playstation 3 gamer compares the textures found in Call of Duty 4 between the Playstation 3 version that he bought to the Xbox 360 version that he borrowed.

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jack who4091d ago

seeem 2 me teh godbox360

C_SoL4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

the first 2 pics goto the 360(its look like wallpaper, but it gets the job done, no textures...middle not sure of(looks to me that the PS3 has better textures, but more jaggies)...last 2 goto the PS3 i real time PS3 animation is better, while the 360's looks too, whats the word, um computer-e...just doesn't move real...looks like a robot...disagree how ever much u want..its just my opinion..

EDIT:then again this is the first time Infinty Ward's developed for the will only get better and better and better. you can't disagree on that..this game is still fu<kin awesome on either console....

hollabox4091d ago

I think they all go to the 360. The second to last image the text on the news paper is slightly more visible, the last one, textures on the head rest is allot better as well. The PS3 version has purple color banding(Too much compression, lower color depth) and generally does not have as much detail as the 360. I will admit, in motion most people would not be able to tell the difference.

unlimited4091d ago

again both games look really great no major difference..if you want to see really great textures look at uncharted for the ps3 it will blow ya mind away

konrad4091d ago

PS3 more sharp especially on pic 3, 4, 5 (guns have more details ), Xbox360 looks upscaled with AA.

pointystick4091d ago

Nothing like another good old pointless next gen console comparison to stir up more flame wars. I couldnt see any real differences myself but I would of much perfered some real direct screen dumps rather than shody camera stills.

projectile4091d ago

It is clear that the stated xbox pictures have a filter on the textures and the ps3 does not.
Could these pictures been taken from a computer with different settings just to start a flame war?
The screens for xbox360 seems to be taken with a higher texture setting than the ones labeld ps3.
To the guys saying that the ps3 textures on these pictures are better is just plain wrong.

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skagrerrrr4091d ago

but i don't want to start a flame war

ruibing4091d ago

Thank you for making this post, I didn't want to be part of any of the flame posts. The pictures looks about the same, and the biggest difference between them all seem to be the gamma/brightness. I really don't think CoD4 is where you can tell which is better.

With all the times people are spending discussing this, go drive to some store or log onto some website and buy the game, play it, and cherish it forever.

JustCallMeDaddy4091d ago

There is a clear difference on every single picture, i guess the 360 wins again.

BrianC62344091d ago

To me all the PS3 shots look much better. But that's because they all look real. The 360 shots look fake and less detailed.

unlimited4091d ago

wow your seem like both even out..there is bad 360 and ps3 i said before all mulitplatform games will look the same..

neogeo4091d ago

looks so damn close. there is no winner its a perfect tie.

like im going to be playing COD and be like, man this game looks so bad for 360 it un playable! BS they are the freaking same.

pooh11254091d ago

love is blind,mate.
all you ps devotees love ps3 too badly.

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JokesOnYou4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

sonykids are not going to like this, but hey lets take a step back and be rational, if it takes us to zoom in just to see this, does it really matter when both of them looks superb to the natural eye.


Danja4091d ago we all know the PS3 is the superior version in textures..nice try though xbot..!!

ParaDise_LosT4091d ago

.....I dunno if this is fake or not but even with poor quality pics ,
anyone and I mean ANYONE can tell the Xbox360 looks better....
Still, I think the pics are a bit odd and poor of quality so I'll give the Ps3 the BotD.....

Danja4091d ago

I spent most of today playing that game on my I know for sure that the textures doesn't look like that when you zoom in on things...

mesh14091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

i was wondering in my mind what could make the ops3 has better textures than 360 games as the 360 has the better gpu that produces these textures ?or do u thinkk the cell orblue ray is capable of this u doo know blue ray is a storage device dont u and has nothing to do with polygons.

Danja4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

are you schizophrenic..?? you asked me a question then answered asking me another question...LOL....

ur such an idiot for bringing Blu-Ray into this if the 360 is so powerful how come it didn't blow the PS3 out the water considering it's been out for almost 2yrs and it's so easy to code for ..??

1080p BTW...

Martini4091d ago

I's hard to believe the amount of denial on this site.
Let me sum it up - you show picture of a circle to a Ps fanboy, he looks at it and says " yep it's square, I knew it all along" :) hahaha

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