Gear up for Gears 3 by snatching the Gears of War Triple Pack for free

GNX - Gears of War 3 is only a few short months away, and what better way to prepare for the Locust Horde than by picking up the Gears of War Triple Pack for free. Included in the Triple Pack is both the original Gears of War and Gears of War 2, as well as the All Fronts DLC pack for Gears 2, which features all 19 multiplayer maps.

Sounds great, but how do you get it for free? Just walk (or probably drive) down to your local Best Buy armed with the knowledge I'm about to impart on you.

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aviator1893348d ago

"Just pick up a copy of the magazine while you're at Best Buy and, while I would never tell you to rip the coupon out while no one is looking, there is that option."

Lol, can't argue with free.

Twizlex3348d ago

The police would probably argue with you on that, but I won't tell them if you won't :)

Cookigaki3348d ago

If you're going to steal the magazine you might as well just steal the game.

SixZeroFour3348d ago

"You see, Best Buy is currently selling the Gears of War Triple Pack for $19.99. Additionally, there's a coupon in the July/August issue of Best Buy magazine @Gamer that offers a $20 discount on the Triple Pack if you pre-order Gears 3 at the same time. As an expert in maths, I can assure you that 20 minus 20 is in fact zero, and zero dollars is the same as free."

except that 19.99 plus tax (depending on where you are) would equal about an extra 2.00, so the math would be 21.99 - 20.00 = 1.99 and 1.99 =/= free, but thats just for the anally retentive

Twizlex3348d ago

I have used coupons at Best Buy before, and the tax is only calculated on the final price.

SixZeroFour3348d ago

oh, well i havent used coupons (or very rarely use them) so im not sure if they calculate the price then you give the coupon or you give coupon then they calculate it...but since you say you have used coupons there before, ill have to take your word for it

Twizlex3348d ago

I have. I actually picked up $97 worth of stuff and used a $95 coupon, and all I had to pay was the $2 and change. With tax on nearly $100, it would have been another $6 if they taxed before the coupon, but it was still less than $3 total.

That seems confusing, but it makes sense, haha!

Cookigaki3348d ago

I think it's different depending on whether it's a coupon or a gift certificate. Gift certificates are just like cash and don't actually reduce the price so you still pay the tax.

SixZeroFour3348d ago

@cookigaki - i think thats where i got confused, i was thinking giftcard (which i use a lot more often than coupons) where you use it after the final price is given

but in this case, its apparently a coupon, so twizlex' point remains valid

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