Can we expect a new PS3 Slim next month?

LazyGamer: The worlds biggest gaming convention, Gamescom, kicks off next month in Cologne Germany and with it we expect a huge pile of exciting news to be released around which games are going to steal our money this holiday season and what is going to make next year better than this year

The other great hope is that all three contenders are going to announce price cuts but by all accounts it’s Sony who may well surprise us all with a brand new PS3

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zerocrossing4642d ago

Yeah, but this one will be slimer.

Wenis4642d ago

The Ps3 slim is slimmer than the original PS3 but its more wide which sort of defeats the purpose... hopefully this one will be a true slim PS3

zerocrossing4642d ago


Yeah that kinda does defeat the purpose, I just hope we don't get any performance issues like over heating and such.

LordZ4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

Here's what I want:

- Slimmer version.
- 2 usb on the front and 2 on the back.
- Wireless G.
- 250gb hard drive.
- 249 price tag.
... and hopefully PS2 backwards compatibility.

BattleAxe4642d ago

There have been no real rumors about a new slim PS3, rather its just game sites that are looking for hits. A price drop could be likely, but thats about all I would expect.

metsgaming4642d ago

not going to happen, didnt they just release a new sku recently? Plus the current ps3 is the slim i doubt they would slim it again. It has been done before but not by sony i remember there being 3 different sega genesis'

nickjkl4642d ago

yeah i dont think they will release a slimmer ps3

i think they will just make it more reliable with better internal parts but keep the size the same for better air flow

but get ready in 2016 ps3 in a tv

just like in 2010 ps2 in tv


SilentNegotiator4642d ago

They should probably get around to releasing one that isn't so wide.

InactiveUser4642d ago

There's a PS3 phat/fat [PLAYSTATION 3] and a PS3 regular/normal [PlayStation 3].


Still a slim to come. I've said this for years. I don't know why people still think the current model is a Slim, even though it's specifically not marketed as such.

TyrionL4641d ago

I think they all say that because that’s what it is. That’s what it was revealed as, and what it is advertized as, "The PS3 Slim". Just so you know.
They NEVER called it the PS3 regular, ever.
Also look at all the advertisements around the launch, ALL OF they said PS3 Slim, ALL OF THEM, that’s why.
I guess for years you've been wrong.

SWORDF1SH4641d ago

It's as been advertised by retailers as the "the PS3 slim" by retailer but not by Sony.

Look at the packaging and it doesn't mention Slim nowhere and its always been tradition for sony to spell the number of the slimmed version ie, PSOne And PSTwo.

It was nothing more than a redesign because the messed up on the original PS3 by making it way to expensive to make. The redesign is more cheaply made and is now making it possible for Sony to make money.

The Slim will be announced soon and followed within a year of the announcement of PS4.

wolokowoh4641d ago

@SWORDF1SH Watch the original Kevin Butler commercial where he was denying the $300 price tag. It was advertised as PS3 Slim by Sony right there.

sikbeta4641d ago

I don't think there will be a new slimmer model right now, but maybe a price-cut, with this new 3000b model which looks really cheap (talking manufacturing) compared to the current slim 2000/2500 model...

SWORDF1SH4641d ago

yes. did a little research and you are correct.

But it still feels like they will announce a ps3 slimline soon because lets face it the ps3 redesign is far from slim and far from from a slim price point.

The PS3 redesign is a cheaper made PS3 fat which should of been the launch model. Kuturagi was fired because of this.

They would never make money on the ps3 fat which is why the cheaper model was released. The PS3 slimline will be released at a sweet spot price point which is a no brainer to incresae ps3 sales. mark my words

Anon19744641d ago

Isn't this old news? I thought Sony informed stores awhile ago that they're shipping new hardware - model K or some such thing. My understanding was that it was the internal hardware and Blu-Ray drive that was all changed up - and the hdmi port was now mandatory for blu-ray playback in accordance with the new blu-ray standards.

It also makes sense to me that we'll see a price drop as well. As I mentioned before, PS3 sales are down but Sony is forecasting 15 million this fiscal year. They didn't revise that figure this last fiscal quarter which means they fully intent to hit that number. That spells price drop. Same thing happened last time. PS3 sales were slowing down but Sony still held on to a high sales forecast because they knew the price cut was coming and they'd hit those numbers. Same thing's happening now.

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Bigpappy4642d ago

If there is one, I hope it looks way better than that mock-up version. That thing has zero sex appeal.

saberfly4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

Sex appeal? What do you do with your PS3? Remind me not to touch your console if i ever come over.

manman64642d ago

If we get another PS3, chances are we are not getting a PS4 anytime soon.

SilentNegotiator4642d ago

PS2 got new SKUs (albeit mostly with pretty slight variations) in 2005 and 2007.

So new SKUs don't NECESSARILY mean continued full dedication.

TyrionL4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

/wrong place

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BubbleSniper4642d ago

ahahahaaaaaaaa! fuckin comedy.

MRHARDON4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

A PS3 slim that is becoming slim.

CynicalVision4642d ago

A new PS3 Slim with full PS2 backwards compatibility and rear USB ports with a price tag of $249 = Complete win.

belal4642d ago

i think if it's a pricecut, it will be $199