Nintend-Woe: The Rise And Rise Of Ninty Criticism

It hasn’t been the best of weeks for Nintendo. Unfortunately, this has only fuelled the flames of those who think the 3DS has ‘failed’; is it fair to reach conclusions so soon?

As you’re undoubtedly aware, it’s been blow after blow for Nintendo this week. Dropped shares, dropped salaries and dropped prices… okay, the last one is actually good news. But the stark suddenness of this gesture has left many naysayers upping their sayings of the nayings, scurrying forth to their proverbial bell towers to ring out the death knells of this young, enterprising handheld.

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Canary3338d ago

It hasn't been the best of years, either.

Ever since the Wii was released, core gamers have felt more and more alienated/betrayed by each of Nintendos actions. Sometimes those feelings were justified, sometimes they weren't, but Nintendo has done nothing to respond the the growing resentment.

Now, it's catching up to them.

darthv723336d ago

that question has been asked many times and there is no solid answer. At we can all agree on.

Each person has their own view of what a 'core' gamer is or should be. To think a company like nintendo (who brought gaming back) has no interest in the core market is crazy.

We may look at the games available for their platforms and scoff but lets look back at what nintendo is really all about. Fun and entertainment for the whole family. That is how it was in the NES and SNES days. That is how it is in the current gen.

So why does a company have to change what they do when it has worked so well for them for such a long time? We get older and think that maybe the "brand" is not what it was. People are wrong on that part. It has been the same brand it always was. Just the perception has changed with age.

Its like looking back at when kids played with gi joe or transformers and then being older now and making fun kids that play with them now. The idea is still the same as when we were kids. It doesnt need to change nor does their strategy in making $$$ and selling games and systems to consumers.

I like how when something gets a price reduction it is (almost) always desperate move because sales are poor. What people dont ever think of is if that price was the price point all along. You know what something will sell at but you cant blame them for trying to sell it for more and see what happens.

It's like those pawn shows. Yeah, maybe the pawn guy can turn around and sell something he bought for a couple hundred into a couple thousand. Yet he wont give the guy selling it to him a decent price when he knows what its worth.

Ok...that was a bit off but it is business. Buy low sell high. The price drop of the 3ds may seem soon but it 'could be' the price nintendo execs wanted to sell it at from the beginning. Yet the final decision on what it really sells for can come from the top dog himself (not reggie).

Ok we get it...something doesnt appeal to you. You (speaking in general) dont buy it. But you dont have to buy into the negativity of it either because it doesnt appeal to you. I'd really be surprised if sales stay flat after this reduction in price. Overall, sales can really only go up before you hit the saturation (where everyone has one) and then you see them decline.

Like any company that sells something. MS, Sony, Nintendo, etc. Ups and Downs are a part of the game.

schlanz3338d ago

The same crap was said about the DS in its first year. Look where it is now.

This price drop was a smart move and I imagine it's going to end up selling like crazy over the holidays.

Kooper3337d ago

DS didn't sell well initially either, and look where it is now! It will take time for the 3DS to take over the world.

charmer3337d ago

i dont think its rise in nintendo criticism...i think alot of haters are still bitter over xbox and sony losing the last generation.. its still really the same people hating

MasterCornholio3336d ago

Those people are real morons. I only own the PS3 and i am extremely happy with the games that i play. Which in my opinion is the most important aspect of a console isnt sales but games. Hence why i got rid of my Wii because it didnt provide the games that i wanted. I bought it because i thought it was cool at the time.

Canary3336d ago

Uh... Sony won the last generation. By a huge margin. That's practically the ONLY generation where one console was overwhelming superior to the competition.

And, goddamn it, you can't dismiss criticism like that. They're not "bitter fanboys." Most of the people complaining, if not all of them, are Nintendo's customers. By ignoring the legitimate complaints and concerns of customers, you're committing the same sin that led Nintendo to the position it's in right now.

MasterCornholio3336d ago

Journalists really jumped on the price drop. With some claiming the 3DS to be a total failure and to be the last Nintendo handheld.

Seriously this has got to stop.