Kane and Lynch Cop Chase video has just posted a new video of a cop chase and subway chase gameplay from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Be aware of possible spoilers.

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Crazyglues3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

You know what I learned from watching this, Kane & Lynch are the same person....Wanna bet? Just watch and see. It's like Fight Club (the Movie) all over Again. -but with the action of the Movie HEAT.

gamesR4fun3999d ago

imo it takes more than violence and swearing (tho it helps) to make a good game and this looks awful.

djtek1843999d ago

wish it had a better frame rate

Ahhhh3999d ago

Looks great, can't wait. Alot of action in this game. WhooHoo!

solar3999d ago

personally its looks horrible. AI was didnt look to great....and the way that cop car flew up in the air in the bottom video.... o.O yikes. maybe ill rent after i see some reviews...

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