Format war fanboys shut down AVS Forum

CNET News reports on November 7, 2007:

Following the $99 HD DVD player sale at Wal-Mart and Best Buy (among others,) rampant flame wars between Blu-ray and HD DVD fanboys turned nasty into personal attacks and physical threats in the AVS forum - probably the largest online forum for audio/visual discussion. Which led AVS moderators to completely shut down the HD DVD and Blu-ray forums until the weekend.

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power of Green 4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

That sh*t is crazy HD-DVD can't have good news withhout rabid flamers bashing, Blu-ray news on the other hand is largly ignored by non BD supporters.


For the most part the news post has to envolve HD-DVD for people to be intrested in Bur-ray threads.

Feel free to dissagree it doesn't change anything.

Bathyj4050d ago

Did you even read it you idiot?

It goes both ways, they get accused by both side and try to explain how people always feel hurt only from their point of view and then you come straight out and whine how HDDVD gets it bad, who you only give a crap about anyway because BR is Sony.

You're exactly the kind of ignorant fanboy they're talking about and why they shut down for.

It wont surprise me at all if N4G is not far behind. Someone remind why I still come here.

shelbygt334050d ago just proved that it's above the flame baiters and format nerds. It's a site dedicated to ADULT conversation. Something N4G is sorely lacking.

Snukadaman4050d ago

The story was about hd-dvd selling for 99 bucks at walmart and best buy..where the hell does blu-ray come into the discussion but idiot fanboys from the format wars....just like on here when something positive for either console...some idiot always haves too chime in.

FirstknighT4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

The article was about hd discs and blu ray fanboys came in and started getting hostile. For example, Power of Green didn't say anything hostile but you came in with your "Did you read it IDIOT?" Your childish namecalling comment is clearly the same reason why that site was shut down.

Bathyj4050d ago

The original forum might have been about HDDVD but the point of the post the story linked to was to point out the stupidity of fanboys from both camps, who only whine and only see there own side of things, never considering their "enemies" viewpoint.

Think of me what you like but at least I listen to others point of view even if I dont agree with it, thats why I dont have anyone on my ignore list, even the more annoying of you, and you know who you are.

If I jumped on POG a little quickly its because I had just read the whole story and was thinking how ridiculous some of us are and then the first response I read was exactly the sort of tripe that shut down their forum.

And how you guys can say BR supporters shouldn't be in a HDDVD forum is beyond me. Should I link you back to this thread the next time I see you trolling a PS3 story that you have no business being in?

FirstknighT4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

That's fine if you don't agree with one format and enter the forum to express your thoughts and maybe enter in a heated debate. But being hostile is not acceptable. And that's what these bluray fanboys did. Just like what you did with POG. It's time to grow up Bathyj.

I rarely see theMart, POG, Bloodmask, and the rest of the 360 owners get hostile and childish. But you see it very often from the sony fanboys. Having a heated debate is one thing...but getting personal is another.

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C_SoL4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

with the console that you choose, format or anything like your country...its just getting a point across, till a fanboy says something stupid, then all the other fanboys attack the guy that was trying to get his point across...all i'm saying is there's nothing wrong with taking pride of what console or format you like(unless you say something stupid). & people if your gonna criticize something, back it up please.....nuff said.

@2.2-I agree with you all the way's just that its never gunna stop.

ArmrdChaos4050d ago

One can show positive support for one's console and still be respectful of others and their choices. The problem with this site and many others is when people twist it all into a win/lose situation...the pride and ego of a "winner". Fragile little egos always trying to assert themselves as a "superior" human being because I chose brand X and it is superior....[insert multiple paragraphs, links, and twisted facts to thus prove (in their world) they are the superior human being. Sociologically...most of them are just damaged goods and clueless as to what life is all about.

Phantom_Lee4050d ago

one guy actully said this..

"...I will seek legal action for my post removals and the truth will come out"

BloodySinner4050d ago


EDIT: Double post. Sorry.

Ri0tSquad4050d ago

waste of time and to be honest I think a dvd upscaled and a nice sound system is good enough for me. DVD ftw.

Peekay4050d ago

& i thought we were bad ;)

shelbygt334050d ago

N4G is much worse than what they shut down avsforum for. If AVS mods were over here, I think they'd shut the entire site down.

jack who4050d ago

i love fanboy warzzz

oh by the way my 10 year old pc is>>>>>the ps3