Firmware 2.00 Video Demonstation

To better illustrate new features in the forthcoming firmware update, Sony created a quick video demonstration of some of the new features (shot using the PLAYSTATION Eye). Inside, you'll see a quick run through of how Themes, the Information Board, Remote Start, and custom photo and music playlists work.

I can't embed the video,sorry.

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d3l33t4000d ago

eh. Nice update, but at least give me RSS guys :(

unlimited4000d ago

i like the update too..and im wondering how many xbots is there trying to pretend they own the ps3..u can obvious tell if they are really a ps3 fan or just trolls..but anyways in game xmb will come year will be the best with HOME and loads of people who dissapointed just be patient.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4000d ago

too bad theres no in-game xmb.

You would think that it would be added first since thats what most people want.

ATLRoAcH4000d ago

I'm guessing there finding ways to tune down the amount of memory the OS uses to implement in-game XMB.I imagine its harder to do than we think but I was hoping for it.I think by now its not a question of will we get in-game XMB but when will we get it.They need to get it right before they release it and its just a matter of time.With the amount of comments on the blog about they know we want it.

This is the guys response to no in-game XMB:Eric Lempel

Wow – a lot of comments, and very quickly. Let me address a few things:

About the firmware version number – In general, we don’t wait to release new features based on a particular firmware update number. The 1.80 update, for example, was pretty substantial, including important features like DVD upscaling.

That said, this update does include valuable features that consumers have been asking for – such as the Remote Start functionality. Personally, I’m looking forward to using this feature as I’m frequently on the road – and I know a lot of you are too.

As far as other features many of you are calling for (such as in-game XMB) – SCE continues to evaluate opportunities to provide new functionality to PS3 on an ongoing basis. New features and functionality have continually been added to the system since it debuted, and we will continue to update you with new developments.

We do read your comments, and they have helped shaped previous updates – including this one.

TrillHeat9544000d ago

IDK firmware 1.93 was released two months ago which patched up the problems of 1.92 which released 1/2 weeks before that. In all this time (2 months) I find it hard to believe that it took this long just to add music playlists, dualshock support, a PSN XMB icon, and remote on and off when it only took a month for a major feature such as upscaling in 1.80. Look Sony is duping us and as much as I love the ps3 I cant stand this. Look at the PSN it didn’t get advertised on commercials and game boxes as a service like XBL, but now guess what SONY created a logo for it and as soon as they did, it appeared on the new TV spots and probably will show up on the game boxes now.

F*ck in game XMB just give us a way to access our messages and music ingame like the xbox guide (which is not the dashboard).

The Xbox dashboard = XMB which is not accessible in game. Sony shouldn’t make it do so either it costs too many resources. Make a damn playstation guide w/e!!!!

Basically the moral of what I just said about SOny duping us is that I feel that they can’t make up their damn minds on how this is going to look, not run, but LOOK. And they dont wanna release it yet because it looks a certain way much like the PSN having no logo for a year.

Marceles4000d ago

I think they're really trying to keep all of that other stuff until when Home is release. But March is far as hell away to wait...

Jrome4000d ago

wow trill...please stfu.

They're working on the in-game XMB. Just like they're working on home. If it's not up to their standards..they still need to improve that it 's in tip top shape for the consumer. I'd rather have something come a little later...than get a rushed delivery.

They're probably just trying to reduce the OS footprint and implement XMB at the same time.

ATLRoAcH4000d ago

Thats what I was saying.People think you put a tooth under your pillow and the tooth fairy leaves you in-game its that easy.The OS footprint has everything to do with it.I think they want to add in-game XMB after they have reduced the footprint enough to where the OS footprint will be smaller with in-game XMB.Nobody (official) said 2.00 would include in-game XMB everyone just assumed that it would.Eventually we will get in-game XMB.My guess is within six months.I'll give you a bubble for using your brain.

Captain Tuttle4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I'm beginning to think it's a hardware issue. RAM? I don't know...I'm not a tech guy.

Ri0tSquad4000d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Well were either getting in-game messaging or in-game music because of the survey Sony had which was not by the admins.

2.00 is outtt

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