MCV Interview: Woolworths

Gerry Berkley recently told MCV that games would dominate Woolworths' entertainment offering this Q4. Here, he tells Tim Ingham how the retailer will ensure it enjoys a very merry Christmas:

MCV: "Are games really that important to your entertainment mix?"

Gerry: "It's now our biggest entertainment format, bigger than DVD or music. From about two or three months now – and DVD has some massive releases coming up. Consistently over the summer we have been the biggest.

We increased our games space by about 25 per cent, mainly from music. We could see what was happening to music and where games were going. We didn't have PS3 properly in all stores, Wii the same.

Even in the smallest stores with two bays of games, will be more likely to be four, five or six bays now. It's just got a lot more focus. And from a revenue point of view. It has been the biggest revenue earner for us over the summer.

Our games focus at Christmas will include TV, consumer mags and national press. A large increase in our games marketing compared to last year."

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