OPM rumour claims new TimeSplitters title “to be announced soon”

A fourth title within popular shooter franchise TimeSplitters may be set for announcement soon, according to the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK.

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kharma454709d ago

It's been rumoured so many times now I don't know what to think.

I do hope it comes but I don't want to get my hopes up for it just incase it never is made.

mjolliffe4709d ago

Yeah, Crytek have teased this one quite a few times now. I expect it'll be made. Hopefully it's just a question of when...

Micro_Sony4709d ago

hahahha these clips never get old.


If this was coming out this year and I could only afford one game it would be TS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DoomeDx4709d ago (Edited 4709d ago )

I hope they stick to the forumla.And dont change to much. Because thats what most developer seem to be doing nowadays, changing the entire formula in order to make it accesible for casuals

snipes1014709d ago

All I can say is that they better not mess with the formula. I expect: a goofy campaign, tons of unlockables, split screen multiplayer with four player split screen and bots, a coop campaign...ehh you get the picture.

AEtherbane4709d ago

PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE! I loved this franchise!!

DrRichtofen4709d ago

I sure hope this is true, I still have Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect for the PS2. I still don't wanna get my hopes up incase its not true though, remember when OPM said L4D was gonna come to PS3...... http://cache.kotaku.com/ass...

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Nate-Dog4709d ago (Edited 4709d ago )

If it's true just please try make it in TimeSplitters fashion and don't try and be like something else and end up ruining it. TS games were so awesome for what they were and if they insistently try and "broaden it's audience" (I hate that phrase) it won't be the same.

mjolliffe4709d ago

Yeah, hopefully Crytek aren't stupid with this one. :)

DoomeDx4709d ago

I <3 The customization in the past Timesplitters games.

Map editor, Bot manager, Place weapons in the maps, create your own story mode levels. Possiblities were endless.

Pacman3214709d ago

I hope so Timespliterrs is one of my favourite franchises of all time.

Micro_Sony4709d ago (Edited 4709d ago )

ME2 -My only fare is that its time exclusive with the 360 : (

MS and Crytek have become good buddies recently and Crytek is all over Kinect.

Edit: Can someone photoshop that picture with a "Better with Kinect "Slogan

redDevil874709d ago

Please be true, the Timesplitters universe has a ridiculous amount of potential. Especially MP wise.