Valve testing new matchmaking system for DotA 2

Responding to a question posed on Twitter, Valve said it’s testing “some social things” and “complete new matchmaking system” for its upcoming sequel to DotA, the former Warcraft 3 custom map.

ATi_Elite4651d ago

come on and release this already so we can get down to episode 3 business.

TheIneffableBob4650d ago

And Counter-Strike 2 business!

So Valve is working on...
- DotA 2
- Half-Life 3/Episode Three?
- New IP from Turtle Rock Studios
- Counter-Strike 2?

Brownghost4650d ago

i just want a reskinned counter strike 2 i want nothing changed just the original game with bonus maps in modern graphics if they change the gameplay for casual players i give up on CS

NuclearDuke4650d ago

This will be Valve's new egg. They will sit on it and hatch it to millions of customers that will probably leave Episode 3 "business" way, way out of schedule.

Sorry to say, but DotA has a playerbase as big as World of Warcraft spanding, surely it's a Free to Play model with cracked WC3 & several platforms like Garena, DotAPLAY etc. but there are so many players.

Takoulya4650d ago

I'm actually really excited for DotA 2 now that I've gotten into League of Legends. I wasn't really a strategy-based player until I took the leap forward and actually researched about how to do well in LoL, and now I'm having the most fun I have had in gaming recently. It's much more rewarding than any shooter, because you know you're outsmarting the enemy rather than having better reflexes than them. My only concern is that it will split the player base of LoL, something I hate to see happen to any game I play.

yamzilla4650d ago

dota pwns half life

dota2 will continue this tradition, half life is a great 12-20 hour ride, after that, over

dota 100's of hours, mad competition, mad strategy,

half life 2 awesome story, mediocre gunplay

dota, intense, edge of your seat sport like enviroment

i admit dota is not for everyone, just like starcraft 2, most people cannot hang with games that regquire actual skill, they wann play COD4, 5, 6, 7 , 8, 9

and rank up for getting one kill and dying 3 times

fps should take away XP every time you die!

Laika4650d ago

id have to agree with you. i dont give a f*** about half life 3. once dota 2 comes out, i will be playing that non stop. dota is by far the most fun multiplayer game i have ever played. it is my fav multiplayer game. and as far as im concerned once dota 2 releases, i wont even give a crap about half life or most games excluding a few. (dark souls, uncharted)


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Fist4achin231d ago

Pardon my ignorance for never having played this, but why even have the ability to create multiple guest accounts? It seems if there is only one account per player then it would eliminate this smurfing issue.

sadraiden231d ago

Probably to get new players hooked on the addictive gameplay loop, more people playing = statistically more people buying battle passes.

Fist4achin231d ago

Makes sense and cents for Valve. Thanks

franwex230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Why would seasoned players want to play with lower skill players anyway? Just to owned them? They’re n00bs, what’s the fun in that?

It’s like on COD where they do bad on purpose for a few rounds, to then be place with with bad players to then dominate.

SegaSaturn669230d ago

This is human nature. I know people who do this in Dota2, CoD and other multiplayer games. They enjoy the dopamine rush that winning generates.


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