Firefall trailer battles titans, takes to the skies

Firefall looks more exciting every time a new video is released. The latest trailer on IGN shows how players’ gargantuan jetpacks can spawn glowing wings of energy that let them soar over the MMO’s vast redstone landscapes. It’s easy to forget Firefall will be free to play when you watch a team launch themselves off a cliff and dive bomb a battlefield. Find out more about Firefall in our preview. [Tom Senior]

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ATi_Elite2636d ago

this is a great video that shows a lot of what Firefall is all about and i can't wait till it's released.

Love the emphasis on Skill Based Shooter!

BeastlyRig2635d ago

Yeah I have to play this one!!

NiteX2635d ago

It's like what Global Agenda should have been. Can't wait to try it.

ATi_Elite2635d ago

Global Agenda.....boy did they screw that game up.

Actually GA was supposed to be a regular game but the idiots made it a MMO at like the very very very last minute thus really messing it up.

GA has so many good things about it but they need to go back and give it proper direction and fix the bad things about it.