The Pando Pandemic: Your Computer Might Already Be Infected

Does your internet feel tired? Run down? Does it pop out of parties? Is it unpoopular? Well, you probably have Pando Media Booster to blame for your poor internet performance as of late. But what exactly is Pando Media Booster?

LiquidSnack4706d ago

Oh thank God, I don't play any of those games :|

NinjaCameraman4706d ago

Friend of mine tried to talk me into getting in on the LoL crowd, the second Pando showed up I hit Cancel Install and told him to forget it xD

iNcRiMiNaTi4706d ago

I was trying out the Dragon Nest beta and that has Pando. I just uninstalled it once I got the game.

ZETTA4706d ago

damn my dumb brother installed league of legends, i hate F2P games exempt from well known companies like EA (battlefield F2P and need for apeed world online)

no wonder i couldnt get stable FPS on crysis 2

Nightfallen4706d ago

Uninstalled and it's gone. Said it was installed on January 8th, around that time I tried out one of those games on that list. I never knew about this until today. Glad for N4G.

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Brandon Sanderson Partners With Maryville Esports for Upcoming NACL Summer Split

ESTNN writes: "Dragonsteel Entertainment has collaborated with Maryville Esports for the upcoming NACL Summer Split."

H912d ago

I want a Brandon Sanderson RPG so bad


The Finals Underperforms for Nexon in Q1 2024

Nexon has released its financial statement for 2024's first quarter, and it looks like FPS The Finals isn't proving the hit the studio was hoping for.

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BlackDoomAx33d ago

Too bad for the best fps there is atm...

Sgt_Slaughter32d ago

The market for games like this is too over saturated to make a dent in other established games' player counts. Trying to start all over with a whole new multiplayer meta and grinding to get better is not feasible when there's already a ton of similar games that have come out before it.


New Game of Thrones Video Game In Development

Gravemaster writes: "Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire is a successful franchise, but it hasn’t had much luck when it comes to video games. Many were released, but only the one from Telltale games received more or less recognition and it was cancelled after one season anyway. Now, we have news of another Game of Thrones game in development."

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anast46d ago

The first 3 or 4 seasons were brilliantly written, then the writers ran out of steam.

SDuck46d ago

Netmarble is one of the biggest mobile developers, if that's not enough indication

SDuck36d ago

There's a trailer in the article with the Netmarble brand attached to it. Netmarble is a well known mobile gaming studio.

DOMination-46d ago

Wow those graphics are incredible

RiseNShine45d ago

Maybe that's what Larian is working on? Or even better, an isometric Witcher CRPG like BG3, a man can dream.