First official Forza 2 screenshots

Turn10 finally released the first ever official Forza 2 screens to Xboxyde. About time with the games release rumored to be only 2 months away. The screens look like they're from the same batch as the unofficial ones we saw a couple of days ago.

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shotty5867d ago

Nice pics but these games are meant to be seen in motion. How else will we see the HDR and other shader effects. Come-on release an in-game video or is that being saved for TGS or X06

Jay da 2KBalla5867d ago

Damn! These pics are amazing. Another killer app for the 360. Cant wait to buy this.

Eternal E 8085867d ago

i cant wait to play the $hit out of this game,btw i didnt get a chance to play the first one but i did play alot of pgr will i have no problem going on to this game?

ironwolf5867d ago

but I expect better by release.

Cyclonus5867d ago (Edited 5867d ago )

Turn 10's Che Chu:

"Before I get into some of the stuff happening around Turn 10 this week, I need to address the "leaked" Forza Motorsport 2 screenshots that hit the web earlier today. Right now, questions abound -- are they fake? Are they real? Is that really what FM2 is going to look like when it's spooling up in my Xbox 360? Yadda yadda. Unfortunately, the only official answer I have at this time is this: Since these screenshots were not officially released by Turn 10 and Microsoft, I cannot confirm nor deny whether these are indeed real. Yeah I know, whiskey tango foxtrot.

"What I can tell you is the following: In light of the events of the day, we'll be posting real and official in-game screenshots next Tuesday (09.05.06) morning (rather than wait until Thursday, obviously). I can also say that there will be exclusive screenshots next Tuesday you won't see in any print mags (meaning we're grabbing them from the latest build and not trying to make a magazine's long lead deadlines from a month ago). Now, can everybody please chill out and try to enjoy their labor day weekend?"

These shots are very underwhelming for me, but we'll be getting the TRUE representation of what Forza 2 looks like TOMMOROW MORNING.