The Story for Christophe Gans' Onimusha

Last week, told you that filming for Christophe (Silent Hill) Gans' adaptation of video game Onimusha is expected to start in April of 2008. Now, they have got the synopsis for the fantasy action-adventure based on the Capcom game which includes spoilers:

"In feudal Japan, 1582, the warlord Nobunaga is ambushed by ninjas, led by the brave samurai Samanosuke. Trapped, Nobunaga commits seppuku, but two sinister sorcerers reanimate Nobunaga's corpse with a half-human insect larvae. The resurrected Nobunaga orders the capture of two very special women to fulfill his evil plans."

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Ares843996d ago

I'm a fan of Onimusha!! But it did not happen like that!
Why twist an already great story??
What happend was Nobunaga got shoot by an arrow trough his torath and he died because of that. After that he was resurected by this evil and Strange Dr. who's a monster himself, to do these monsters dealings on earth! It was great!! It was my very first PS2 game and I loved it! Why change it?? I don't like the new story too much!
And Samanoske never lead any Ninjas...he just had a ninja frind...well girlfriend!

THX71683996d ago

I have very fond memories of Onimusha. It was also my very first PS2 game. Then I bought Oni which was a pretty cool game too.

stuntman_mike3996d ago

the two warriors attack the insectoid hordes, but Samanosuke falls in battle, seemingly dead. In a mystical encounter, he is given the option to survive and fight—but it comes at a terrible cost...

yeah right near the end of the film a select button appears and someone goes into the item menu and uses a life potion. lol

sounds dreadful!!

allforcalisto3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )


they're re-writing onimusha 1...why.

they've just done this to have caucasian faces in the film.

i was thinking before, "what could they possibly do to the story to justify having characters that the mass audience can "relate" with".

hollywood treats you americans like idiots. They're reasoning for this is "the desirable demographic(white americans) won't go see it if it's just got japanese actors in it. they'll think it's a foreign film".

they want more than just gamers to see this film. if this wasn't the case they'd have just taken the game and turned it into a film. I wish they'd just made a new story, then i wouldnt care.

to those who've played onimusha, ask yourself this were there any non-japanese characters in part 1.

if the dutch guy speaks with an america accent...

i swear to god if samanosuke isn't the protagonist...