IGN: Pain Is Coming To The Ps3

In this report, IGN states:

"Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed to us that its bruised PlayStation Network title Pain is slated for release around the end of this month. The hopeful date is November 29th, though as the company works to secure a worldwide release for the title, that date could slip back about a week.

The game is centered around tossing your on-screen persona out of a giant slingshot and into various objects, people, monkeys and more scattered around a city. For extended coverage on the game, have a look-see right here."

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Loopy5307d ago

How sadist...
Some people take pleasure in seeing a virtual guy getting tossed around like a puppet. Make it seem like a Benny Hill show...

DemiseofPandas5307d ago

I wish I knew what price tag they are going to slap on this game.

Double-Edged5307d ago

there is a mini game similar to this.

mighty_douche5307d ago

this is the number one download game i want.

after a few at the pub this is gonna provide alot of laughs!

Double-Edged5307d ago

it will be very funny.
I am laughing at the game right now.
as i am typing.

fenderputty5307d ago

this game, some friends and a good amount of beer is going to be A LOT of fun.

Shaka2K65307d ago

Cant wait another original PSN game to add to my list.

PSN rocks!

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The story is too old to be commented.