Sony : 65nm Chips Are Coming To PS3 In Early 2008

According to they supposedly came across information that that 65nm Cell and RSX chips are coming to Sony Playstation 3 in the first quarter of the year 2008, and it seems that all the Playstation 3 models will receive this upgrade as well. Also, Sony is currently working with Toshiba and IBM in an attempt to make 35nm chips possible on Playstation 3.

And because of these announcements, Sony's shares were up 0.5% in the Tokyo stock market by the mid day break of trade.

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Masta_fro4090d ago

thats actually quicker than i thought. Good stuff...probably will lead to price cut a bit further down the line. Maybe march or june. I WANT RUMBLEEEE!

bootsielon4090d ago

And those price drops! Competition is good

snoop_dizzle4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

if so, it will definetly be interesting how low all three consoles go in price.

But yeah completion is awesome.

whoelse4090d ago

The 80GB will probably replace the 60GB in europe (60GB is currently discontinued) and this plus the 40GB will have 65nm.

megalink4090d ago

According to Japanese information
65nm is already implemented in japan for coming 11/11.

test1231234090d ago

Looks like waiting to buy P$3 is a good thing. I will wait and wait

snoop_dizzle4090d ago

possibly, but there are a lot of awesome games coming out and good ones already, so i wouldn't wait. But hey you might save a 100 more dollars.

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