Gamespot Dragon Age II: Legacy Review

The shrugworthy Legacy add-on extends Dragon Age II but doesn't improve upon it.

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BakedGoods2734d ago

Bioware's completely lost it at this point.

Hopefully their Star Wars MMO will put them back on the map.

Brownghost2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

and they said it would go back to the roots of dragon age

Drazz2734d ago

That review is bull! This dlc was minimum 8.0. Nothing about the dlc warrants such a low score.

SAE2734d ago

and you people trust these websites...

Raider692734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

The fact is that the game was burned from the beginning and now even if the DLC comes better,it wont change the mind of those radical reviewers.They are never going to facepalm it until DA 3.People that enjoyed DA2 make yourselfs a favor and pick the DLC that you wont regret.The other have the option of waiting.

terrordactyl2732d ago

Total BS review. Legacy is easily the best DLC released to date for the Dragon Age franchise (excluding Awakening which was an expansion, not DLC). It's a solid 8/10, Gamespot are clueless sometimes.