The 4 Genres You Will Miss

VelocityGamer writes: The lay of the land has changed. For the bulk of the life of the video game experience there have been some fairly clear lines that separate the genres. But now what trends is action, action, and more action. Due to the insane amounts of cash that certain first person shooters are raking in coupled with reviewers who are absolutely vicious toward any mechanic that they didn't grow up liking has lead to the demise of some favorite genres. Either change or get left behind right? Well I think that, with time, these genres will be missed. Hopefully they will return.

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KingofGambling2691d ago

so glad to see this article mentioning one of the most underrated survivor horror game Siren Blood Curse, lets hope Sony Japan work on a sequel to the next Siren.
And so glad some mention about the next Suikoden series still hoping for some news about from Konami
prediction for Tokyo Game Show Suikoden VI for the PS3.

No_Pantaloons2691d ago

Author is dead on. There's been too many casualties in modern gaming. The thing that bothers me most (other then not getting those games) is that companies still try to use names and hype to fool people into thinking they're staying true.

tiffac2691d ago

Wow the author is spot on regarding those 4 genre.

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