[RUMOR] Could This Be DC Universe Online: Fight for the Light’s Release Date?

iGG: We’ve been highly anticipating DC Universe Online’s upcoming expansion pack, Fight for the Light since its announcement. Do we finally have a release date?

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BitbyDeath2730d ago

Not my sort of genre but it must be doing alright to get an expansion.

iXenon2730d ago

I've been playing 33 days straight. I'm new to the MMO scene but I'm a big DC fan. If you're an MMO fan or a DC comics fan, you and this game were a match made in heaven.

evrfighter2729d ago

Not really all server populations are at low. Dc had a solid launch, well received but they were to slow with the updates.

It has next to no content, and what should be a content patch to keep the subscribers who are bored due to a lack of content are going to be charged expansion pack price for more content.

Dcu won't last a year before going free to play with built in cash shop

Death2729d ago

Yeah, the game is fun for the first couple months. Hit the level cap and get a complete set of T1 and T2 armor and you will get very bored. All the servers are next to empty as it is. Selling an "expansion pack" that adds nothing we haven't seen along with the ability to play as a Corp member is going to piss the remaing players off. I let my subscription expire since all my friends already quit. This is not a good example of an mmo.


DragonKnight2729d ago

It is a great game. No doubt. I have to renew my subscription but I may wait until the expansion is released.

NyGiants72729d ago

They need to make DCU online free, only reason why me and a lot of other people didn't buy it.

Kamikaze1352729d ago

Definitely a great game. I'd play it if I wasn't playing another MMO right now.

maniacmayhem2729d ago

I wonder if they'll include the DC re-boot sometime in the future?

iXenon2729d ago

They said that because the reboot has nothing to do with them, they probably won't include it.

They have webcasts that they post on the site every so often answering the fans of their players