Nintendo’s “Ambassador program” is rushed and somewhat botched

Although Nintendo will be offering 20 free games to early 3DS owners, there are some considerable issues with the program.

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TheSoundDefense3607d ago

This article makes me rage. It comes off as another example of the mind-blowing entitlement that is inherent in so many gamers. Most industries would do absolutely nothing if you bought something and then saw the price drop five months later. Here, Nintendo is giving us 20 free games, and the author manages to complain that they're missing one or two features.

radphil3607d ago

Getting apparent unfinished products is entitlement?

SilentNegotiator3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

We should obviously be thanking Nintendo for the 20 year old games that they rushed out at us for spending $80 more because they didn't get a chance to get their pants frightened off by competitively priced competition yet, and learn that their system wasn't in high demand anyway.

This isn't a "friendly gesture" from Nintendo. This is damage control, like the "welcome back" program from Sony. They give us some old first-party games for free, and most people forget about the issue or justify getting screwed over.

And a bunch of old NES/GBA games that they've repackaged a million times? That's nothing. Combine them all together and you probably get a 1/5 of a GB of data. It's cheap for them to do, and these are games that you can get on a multitude of platforms for a few bucks aren't exactly getting repurchased like crazy. I could play them on my calculator, and I guarantee you that many do.

So, 'entitlement'? No. We can just see cheap damage control coming from a mile away.

darthv723606d ago

the games being offered are being offered as they are/were when released. That is pretty standard for VC games. No enhancements as they are the originals now in digital form.

It isnt like the games are being remastered to add in new features so why are so many feeling they should? Games that offered local multiplayer...guess you just have to play solo.

What I would expect are games that offered wifi multiplayer (like dr mario on the gba) be allowed to work wifi with other players seeing as the system supports wifi.

Yeah it would be great to play the gba mario kart via wifi but the game didnt offer that so I am not expecting nintendo to rewrite the game just for that.

Micro_Sony3607d ago

Nintendo needs to leak a guide on how to hack the 3DS.

The reason why the DSi sold so well is because of the R4 card.

VINNIEPAZ3607d ago

I cant lie, it seems gamers are becoming big ass cry babies. Anytime there is some good news gamers find someway to bash it.

Micro_Sony3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

So its good news that Nintendo made so much money from the Wii only to have them give us true Nintendo fans from the NES days more gimmick.

The 3DS is a gimmick and from how things are looking the Wii U looks like a gimmick.

Screw you Nintendo if it was not for me and my generation you would be still making playing cards.

Stealth2k3607d ago

says micro

no bias there

AWBrawler3607d ago

Again I say Nintendo didn't change, We did!

EYEamNUMBER13607d ago

wait a minute what is micro sony talking about? NONE of what he just said is relevant to the current topic...

darthv723606d ago

man are you missing the boat. Gaming in general is a gimmick. It isnt a way of life it is a way of entertainment.

You either enjoy it or you dont. There actually IS something to please everyone when it comes to gaming. You just have a different appeal than others.

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TruthbeTold3607d ago

The issue goes a little deeper than that... People bought this product AND Nintendo expects them to not feel ripped off by the price cut/admission of error of price point for consistent sales so that they'll continue to buy games. Console makers need gamers to buy games. If gamers feel like they got ripped off, then just like any customer would they feel disillusioned and move on. Unless Nintendo wants to take a stance of 'F you, we already got your money!' then they are wise to offer some form of compensation for what is and will be perceived as an initial overcharge/gouging of nearly $100.

This isn't a 'Thanks for being our customer, here's a nice free calendar to show our appreciation!' situation. If someone complains about that then yes, they have entitlement issues. This is a 'Yeah we F'ed up, but we're not going to give you a rebate so how about this?' situation. Why shouldn't people voice concerns if they think that it may help change things by the time September rolls around? It's not like this article was a condemnation...

firelogic3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

You're not being "rewarded" for anything. Early adopters (a mere 4 months ago I might add) would have paid $80 more for their console and yes Nintendo didn't have to give you anything at all. But don't sit there and say you were "rewarded" with TWENTY FREE GAMES!! They're NES and GBA games that you can download and play on virtually any device with a cpu in it. Even a TI calculator. It's costing Nintendo nothing.

It would have been a better gesture of goodwill if they gave 1 or 2 free 3DS games. I mean, you do have a 3DS to play 3DS games right? Or are you just so utterly starved for games that you'll make due with NES/GBA games on your $250 system?

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Ddouble3607d ago

I thought it would be complaints just like that of the Welcome Back program but some of these are genuine.

They're getting unfinished games which would be patched later but they can't be transfered to another system. I think thats the main problem. The rest aren't that bad.

radphil3607d ago


Unfortunately many people on here are just going to ignore that, and people think others are complaining in terms of "entitlement" or "for the sake of complaining"

Personally I'm tired of this gen in comparison to the last of getting things early, and then "fix it later" mentality.

mike1up3606d ago

"fix it later" mentality?
lol, so you're saying that there were no price drops last gen? last time i checked there were.

did somebody hold you hostage and force you to buy a 3DS? You bought it because at the time, you felt it was worth the money. You're getting 20 free games man, does that mean nothing to you?

radphil3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )


Considering I gamed back before the NES, no, since I have all of those games.

It's not the games I'm worried about. It's the whole "give part of a product to keep them quiet now, then add in the stuff later"

Monetary value or not has nothing to do on that. It's really getting tiring noticing it this generation, especially with the condition of games from other companies, where they send it out, and then you'll see things like day 1 patches.

--Onilink--3607d ago

so, umm is the author complaining about these games not having features that they never had?? aside from the sleep mode function, i dont see whats the big deal. And i dont really see myself getting another 3DS anytime soon to worry about having to transfer the games before the updated games come out.

Some really really like to complain about everything....

Neo Nugget3607d ago

Well, okay. I wasn't really expecting any of that stuff to begin with O_o

Street pass with GBA games? Multiplayer for NES games? What's the big deal here?

kingdavid3607d ago

None of the virtual console games offer these either - so it kinda is an unwarranted "bash" per se.

user8586213607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

I get 20 free games, I'm not complaining, keep up the good gestures nintendo!! now give me my mario 3d land!!! >_<

@NeoMagus so long as you linked your Nintendo account with your 3DS I dont think there would be a problem

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