Xbox Live enjoys record growth year, a 'whole bunch' of new entertainment partners coming

Microsoft has revealed to CVG that Xbox Live's last 12 months were its biggest ever in terms of recruiting new members to the service.

And that's not all. According to Burrowes, Microsoft is readying announcements for a "whole bunch" of new entertainment partners in the autumn.

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Gazondaily3611d ago

Hopefully this is a sign that MS isn't resting on its laurels when it comes to offering more content on Xbox Live.

fluffydelusions3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

If that TV service coming to XBL is decent and doesn't require an existing cable subscription I'll buy a 360. I can't justify the cost for cable as I never really watch it but if it's decently priced such as netflix I'll buy it.

AAACE53611d ago

Hey fluffy... I got tired of paying for cable in january and bought antennas. I haven't looked back since! I get about 30 channels with it. And my Netflix account fills in the gaps.

My XBL just ended and I have been getting cozy with the Ps3's free online. So at this point, I have no intention of getting XBL. But that could change in a month or two.

kingdoms3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

WTF are you two talking about? No one cares what you want to spend money on and what you prefer to use based on your income LOL

Staying on topic is cool. The video is about Microsoft being thrilled about its future.

On Topic...

Microsoft is doing such a good job evolving XBL my 360 is the most used electronic in my home. Keep up the good work

fluffydelusions3611d ago

@AAACE5 Yeah I have an antenna too but it really depends on the content the TV service offers. If it's just channels I already have than I'm not interested.

BX813611d ago

Hells yeah. I haven't had cable for 5yrs now. I just don't see a reason to pay a crazy bill when I watch 5 channels.

Cmpunk3610d ago

you mean nADS? ye fo sure

Droid Control3611d ago

I want to use by box as a TV Recorder.
Also, I want an Xbox that plays Blu-Ray movies!

I know they can't do one that plays games, its too late this gen, but how about a limited edition blue slim that hasa blu-ray drive for movies?

Vega753611d ago

Why not just get a Blu ray player if you just want to watch movies. That's what I did with my pc. I brought a blu ray recorder for less than $100. From tiger direct back in feb works great and only took me 10 Mins to install

KonaBro3611d ago

to announce GAMES for the Xbox and studio acquisitions instead of trying to tout the fact that they now have Skype and will buy out other media services. I want games, not more Netflix.

Cereal3611d ago

You bought a Xbox and thought you would get games? Why?

thelogicking3611d ago

"i want games"

Gears of war 3
Halo ce remake
Battlefield 3
Forza 4
Mass effect 3
Batman AA

And a lot more coMing for the 360
So any 360 gamer should be happy with those games coming.

Raven_Nomad3611d ago

You forgot Witcher 2, Modern Warfare 3 and Rage!

I love how people act like if it isn't "exclusive" it must not be a game. Look at how poorly most exclusive games have sold this year. In comparison the 3rd party multiplatform titles have all been stellar and sold really well.

KonaBro3611d ago

meaning not:

- Another Gears sequel
- Multiplatform better on PC
- Remake of another Halo game
- Multiplatform better on PC
- Another Forza (Bring back PGR!)
- Multiplatform better on PC
- Multiplatform

I want games that make you want that system because you know you can't get it anywhere else. I want exclusives outside of Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, etc.

MasterCornholio3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

The 360 barely has any core exclusives and the only ones to blame for that are Microsoft. However there's a ton of great Multiplats coming out this year so there will be plenty of games for 360 owners to enjoy. Just off the top of my head

1. Modern Warefare 3
2. Battlefield 3
3. Elderscrolls 5 Skyrym
4. Dark Souls
5. Marvel VS Capcom 3 Ultimate Edition
6. Rage

And many more.


Sure its always nice to have exclusives. But that doesnt mean that multiplats are crap. Whether you like it or not Multiplats are a vital part of this industry.

thelogicking3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

So multiplats are not games??
" I want games that make you want that system because you know you can't get it anywhere else. I want exclusives outside of Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, etc."

No. you want exclusives just for fanboys wars fuel and "who got the better toy" arguments!
Real gamers care about their exclusives that they dont need to bother bashing the other consoles about lack of exclusive games.

Just cut the crap off! Fanboys will never be pleased with the 360 even if it gave you oral everyday!
fanboys will will spin and spin and hate no matter what the 360/ ps3 offers. Thats the nature of fanboys!
Even in the first quarter of 2010 wich the 360 got:
Alan wake
Mass effect 2
Splinter cell
Forza 3

That those games are not available on ps3 so every ps3 fanboy became a "pc gamerz" and always buy teh superior verzionz!
and now,
Almost every "claimed" pc/ps3 stated that they are often getting the ps3 versions of multiplats games!!

The ps3 got better line up overall of games wich I am happy as a 360/ps3 gamer. But I got annoyed with fanboys and trolls swarming every 360 articles and saying "haz no gamez trololol"

No Way3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

You just made yourself look like an idiot and total douchebag.
You say you want games, yet you dismiss every game they have.
What you want are new IP's, why not just say that? Would make sense.
Another thing, mutliplats are exclusive if you only own one system. ;)
And, oh, we all know that there are tons of (great) multiplats this year.

MOTY3611d ago

@ KonaBro

You complain about "exclusives" and then list the exclusives on the 360 and ask for exclusives outside of the ones that MS offer.... o.O

You mean you want exclusives that have numbers at the end?

Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
yakuza 4
Infamous 2
GoW remakes (1 & 2 HD)
more GoW remakes ( PSP games )

Your loyalty to Sony skews your rational. The reason why games generally have #'s after them is because there is demand for that franchise. Your single opinion is outnumbered by the opinion of MILLIONS of people that want and buy those Gears, Forza, Fable and especially Halo games.

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ElementX3611d ago

If you're such a PC gamer as you make out to be in your post 3.2.2, why did you even buy a 360? Even PS3 has sequel after sequel. This is the generation of sequels.

gamingdroid3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

I think KonaBro is trying to say, he wants an Xbox 360 if Sony made it!

I want games, then dismiss all games? Maybe games aren't your problem?

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Average_Joe3611d ago

I truly am amazed at how well the Xbox 360 and XBL are doing these days. I mean it's the oldest console and it's still gaining momentum.

All the nay Sayers will try to argue one thing or another, but the bottom line is the XBox 360 is a hugely successful platform that millions of people enjoy.

No company is perfect, but Microsoft is doing a great job with pretty much everything. Yea, you could make a case for a lack of new IP's but in this economy it's easy to see why none of the top three companies are taking many risks on that front.

Xbox Live is a huge reason I play the Xbox 360, it makes online gaming seem more fun and streamlined.

3611d ago
mcstorm3611d ago

I could not of put that better my self. The way the 360 has evolved over the last 5 years is like nothing we have seen before on any console and I think once MS have WP7 Mango Windows 8 and the new xbox dash all up and running MS will offer the best unified system of all company's out there through those devices.

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