EA versus Valve: Who will blink first?

It was only a few years ago that analysts had proclaimed the death of the PC games market in a continuous orgy of crocodile tears. It must come as a shock to them to see what’s happening now: two of the biggest companies in gaming – EA and Valve – fighting over… scraps, right?

If anything is testament to the health of PC gaming, it is Electronic Arts’ surreptitious bid to rise above Valve as the market’s digital kingmaker.

Make no mistake: both groups are at war – locked in battle over a DLC policy dispute that neither will back down from...

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Septic2824d ago

Steam has cemented its place as the digital distributor and EA knows this. I don't think its a case of who blinks first- more a case of seeing how much EA will persevere and the lengths it will go to get that cake (the latter of which definitely exists and is NOT a lie).

Grip2824d ago

it's bad for EA of course.. in everything! Valve had Steam.. and they will find a publisher for their games on console which will cost EA alot.