New details on Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Wii U demo and more

In a recent interview Nintendo talk about the Zelda timeline, Zelda Skyward Sword and just all things Zelda for the 25th anniversary

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TomInc3619d ago

I was pretty bugged when the realization came that the demo would most likely not reflect anything planned for Wii U :/

yen8883619d ago

Yeh, but hopefully that means that what they do have planned is even better :)

DarkBlood3619d ago

either way hoping though graphics arent important but that we get something that looks like that for a zelda game

now im not all batshit crazy on graphics but since they said themselves they want to bring back the hardcore gamers they should use that kind of graphic since i understand most want something like that

so nintendo don't toonify zelda till after a couple of years :P lol

jacksonmichael3619d ago

So... irrationally... stoked. Oh, and you folks might know... I saw something yesterday - Ougon no Kizuna. I had never heard of it, and can't find any information on it at all. Anyone know anything?

OcularVision3619d ago

As long as this Wii U version of Zelda won't have me launching my controller at the screen, I'll be satisfied.

tunaks13619d ago

its the opposite for me, zelda is gonna feel dull after we leave wm+ and SS only to end up back with standard controls...

kesvalk3619d ago

sooo... we're going to visit familiar places on SS... that's not particulary on hyrule... are they talking about something from MM?

if they put termina town on SS i will cry... really...

ChickeyCantor3619d ago

That would be in Termina.
Where is that from hyrule anyways.

mike1up3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I think that it is a mistake not to release an official timeline in some form. What better way to help sell all those Zelda ports/remakes, and celebrate the 25th anniversary.

well anyways, here's my timeline...

SKYWARD SWORD - OCARINA OF TIME (timeline split occurs after events of Ocarina of Time creating 2 universes)

a) Ocarina of Time - Majora's Mask - Twilight Princess - A Link to the Past - Oracle of Ages/Seasons - Link's Awakening - The Legend of Zelda - The Adventure of Link

b) Ocarina of Time - The Wind Waker - Phantom Hourglass - Spirit Tracks - The Minish Cap - Four Swords Adventures

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