STN Opinion: Should certain games be cheaper?

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Should games be cheaper? In my opinion the answer is yes and no. I’ll explain what I mean by that.

Take a game like Skyrim or for that matter Modern Warfare. When you look at games such as these it’s quite clear that you are getting a massive AAA title, which will not only provide a high quality experience but will last you hours, if not years, and all for around £40 of your hard earned cash. Does it stand to reason then that a title which perhaps is of the same quality but only offers around 5-6 hours of gameplay and no replay value should cost the same price?

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Yi-Long3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

... IF that would mean I would just have the complete game, including any potential DLC, online-play, etc etc.

I don't want to buy a game and then be confronted by extra 'costs' in the form of DLC, or extra annoyances like an 'online pass' and such.

Ofcourse, not all games are worth 50-60 bucks, but in those cases I'll just wait for the price to drop. But with all that DLC-milking/scamming nowadays I also find myself refusing to buy AAA-games I otherwise would have bought day 1 for full-price.

Mario4life3619d ago

yes because some games are just yearly and barely improve so why waste another $60 for the same game again, but with games that change up the cards in a big way i would pay $60 for them, another thing they need to improve on is releasing games that need patches just delay the game for a little bit i dont see a big problem with that

Stunt3619d ago

I think all new releases should be from $40-50. I'm not rich, yo.

SageHonor3619d ago

If all new games were 40 bucks they would sell alot better but I can see why someone thinks certain games should be priced differently...

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