Nintendo 3DS Secret Price Drop Strategy - Nintendo Plays Hardball (Opinion)

Today Nintendo of America officially announced a drastic price cut on the new Nintendo 3DS. As of August 12th the Nintendo 3DS will now sell for $169. This news comes just 5 months after the launch of the system in the North America. The internet spin machine is in full effect. Some people believe the system is in trouble. While others smartly recall a similar price cut on the original Nintendo DS system. So what is the real story? Is this a case of retail panic or is Nintendo playing an aggressive strategy against their strongest competitor? Is Nintendo setting a retail trap?

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Stealth2k2827d ago

Very very good non fanboy article

DEA Fresh2827d ago

Very very good way for Nintendo to make sure they don't sell any 3DS between now and august 12

klecser2827d ago

Not so. Nintendo may actually sell more because some people will buy at the higher price point to get the "free" games, especially the "exclusives". I'm not saying that that is smart or makes sense. But I think it probably true.

Stealth2k2827d ago

Yeah dont count on people who dont see 20 free games and think awesome

StbI9902827d ago

So 20 games free? 10 of which are GBA and others NES?,,,

Why not a hacked psp to emulate those? yeah.

Still got raped.

2827d ago
OllieBoy2827d ago

Feel bad for the people who paid $250 for this PoS.

2827d ago
Canary2827d ago

So, basically, NoA is giving a giant "fuck you" to everyone who already bought the system.

...Goddammit. I'm done. NoA, you're the king of all jackasses. I'm swearing off Nintendo forever. Wii U? Kid Icarus: no, Nintendo, now it's my turn: Fuck You.

darthv722827d ago

towards every other company that has released a product that you bought only to find that they lowered the price not to long after.

Keep in mind that I am talking about the mfg company themselves. NOT the store you bought it from.

You can feel.."aww man I just got mine at full price and now it is cheaper" that doesnt entitle you to anything. Havent you ever heard of the "early adopters pay the price".

Get over it. There have been plenty of things I bought that had that happen. We see prices drop on video games more often than the hardware. Are you going to cry about paying full price for a game only to see that game is half off later on?

ndl15312827d ago

sorry man but nearly a 100 dollars off five month from release ? i would expect this a year after launch but 5 months ? sounds like a really desperate strategy to me plus i feel like i got F*CKED over seriously cause i just got mine three weeks ago man im really disappointed in nintendo they basically threw a big fat F*CK YOU in everyones faces that picked it up at 250 like me ( atleast thats how i feel )

MoveTheGlow2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Canary, I'm guessing you never bought an Apple product and then saw the next edition pop up 4 months later before - and I wouldn't expect that from many people on this site who follow tech news either, but among your average kiddy/casual consumer, it's a constant cycle of hosing people. What Nintendo is doing in terms of giving out 20 free classic games (you can't do that *legally* anywhere else, right?) is pretty unprecedented. They're actually rewarding early adopters beyond "You get to buy stuff, and it's launch, so it isn't very good stuff!" Most EA's (whoa, unfortunate abbreviation) take a risk, they don't always expect perfection.

I'm happy about the price cut because by Holiday 2011, a system I own will have more market share, and that'll lead to more investment. I don't hear the "F you" you're talking about... and by the way, that was Nintendo of Japan's decision first, not NoA (and yeah, we have some bones to pick with NoA over Wii titles, but don't misdirect other stuff).

Xander-RKoS2826d ago

Nintendo is also giving away about 20 virtual console games to people who bought it early, including classic games like the original Zelda, and Metroid Fusion. Also, from what I've read, its not one or two, its all 20 games. So, yeah, I doesn't look like Nintendo is throwing anyone under the bus.

yugioh1002827d ago

only a idiot would buy something when it first comes out, and this is around what the price should have been in the first place.

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