Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki Gameplay Trailer

Andriasang: Tired of the commercials and animation-filled trailers? This new, lengthy Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki trailer is full of gameplay.

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CrescentFang2820d ago

Always with a summer, eh Falcom? In Japan, it seems that older consoles are supported longer, I mean the Famicon was discontinued a little over a decade ago in Japan? (or maybe it was the SFC) in the west it'll take a few years to finish off any old console/system...
I hope this doesn't discouraged the Xseed higher ups for bringing over Falcom games... Damn I can't wait to play SC :)

forevercloud30002820d ago

I am still playing through the TITS right now, so far I really like it. Can't wait for the later entries in the series. I think and hope that one of Falcom's Vita titles they are secretly working on will be the trilogy combined on on disc for it. Or maybe even the next entry.

Its hard to believe that these games are in the same series as those first couple of games on PSP(or am I mistaken?) because they were awful looking. TITS had me from the beginning.

CrescentFang2820d ago

Namdai messed up big time with those PSP ports, though that's all I know about them. PC versions are superior and I'm pretty sure they're only playable in Japanese. But they are technically in the Legend of Heroes series...

jc485732820d ago

Xseed needs to make it happen. I want to thank Xseed to bring TiTs though, but I really hope they can try to localize most of the Legend games. I will continue to support them with my money.

banjadude2820d ago

Is this a sequel to "Trails in the Sky"?

CrescentFang2820d ago

Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki) series was a trilogy, though technically a duology. The first and the second are direct sequels. The 3rd is considered a "fan game" because it was developed because of fan demand and didn't really "continue" the actual story. I didn't play it, but that's all I know about the 3rd game. The sequel to that "trilogy" is Zero no Kiseki (I believe is literally Trails of Zero?) and Zero no Kiseki's sequel is Ao no Kiseki (the game above)
So the order here is:
(I'm going to use the romaji name of the series)

LoH Sora no Kiseki FC (FC = First Chapter, which Xseed left out)

LoH Sora no Kiseki SC (Not sure if Xseed is going to include the SC which means 2nd Chapter)

LoH Sora no Kiseki the 3rd

LoH Zero no Kiseki (btw I forgot to mention this takes place in the same world as Sora no Kiseki, different country though)

Ao no Kiseki

Hoped I helped :)

banjadude2820d ago

Going to take me a few minutes to wrap that all around my head, lol. BUT, I DO appreciate your help.

It's just.. I've a newbie to the LOH series... and while I was playing A Tear of Vermillion on my PSP, I started to research the entire series. Needless to say, I'm still lost in all the orders and different versions on all the different consoles, lol.

Still, thank you very much.