Jon St. John: Duke Nukem Forever haters "don't understand what Duke is all about"

Radio personality and interviewer Matt J. Horn recently got the chance to talk to the legend that is Jon St. John, who is widely known as the voice of Duke Nukem. Here, Jon talks about Duke Nukem Forever, his response the the negative reviews the game has received, and who he thinks would win in a fight between Duke Nukem and Chuck Norris.

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NewMonday2700d ago

the game was criticized because its an out dated technical mess

Welshy2700d ago

I understood and loved what Duke was about back on the PS1.

Forever was just stuck in a time warp and wanted the same old formula to work when games have moved on.

So much potential to bring back a personal favourite franchise ruined, noone will trust a Duke game anymore... =(

palaeomerus2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

It wasn't the same formula at all.

2 weapons, regenerating health, rc-car/truck racing, turrets, dumb QTE's, and a few mediocre fights in dark hallways is NOT what a Duke Nukem FPS is about.

It's just an ugly, unpolished, highly linear, hodgepodge of badly implemented gameplay features from other games that didn't fit together well and ended up being tedious, lame, tiresome, and disappointing. Older builds of the game actually looked more fun and frantic!

Jon St. John did HIS job well. Sure the writing could have been better but the writing was not the main problem. Good solid fun gameplay can overcome bad writing. The main problem was that it was a poorly conceived mess. It was a hideous frankenstein clumsily built from mismatched parts and unfortunately the lightning never struck and so it never really came to life. It just twitched a little and smelled bad. The design was bad and it just didn't work.

This was not a game release so much as an exorcism. It certainly needed to happen but it wasn't pretty and almost nobody wants it to see anything like it ever again.

Hopefully the new Serious Sam game will come closer bringing a decent Duke/Doom style game with crazy weapons and inspired silliness into the current era of video game graphics technology.

Hopefully Gearbox can rethink this and give us a GOOD Duke game that plays well and makes sense and do it in a timely manner once they get Borderlands 2, Furious Four, and Aliens Colonial Marines out the door.

Getowned2698d ago

i would if they made a new one but i never got duke nukem for ever i will wait for it to go on sale for real cheap maybe on steam idk xD

dragonyght2700d ago

@newmonday the not the only thing that was dated his persona as well

NarooN2699d ago

I'm a Duke fan, but I'll admit that DNF was a pile of shit. I was in denial at first, but after having played it...It's pretty clear what happened in the dev period. They should've released the game way back in the late 90's/early 00's when it was still relevant, then they could've done some modern sequels that didn't have such ridiculous dev cycles and rebirths.

Kee2700d ago

Nah, we do know, now.

El-Fenemeno12132700d ago

Why does the link take me to his picture lol

BakedGoods2700d ago

Yeah, the article needs a fixin'

Raider692700d ago

A technical piss of shit is what DNF is!

L6RD7BLU32700d ago

They don't, because it's to immature for the immature gamers that are online all day saying immature things and on gaming sites raging on how they don't like the game.

archemides5182700d ago

if ur making a smartypants comment at least make sure it reads right (it's "too" not "to")

L6RD7BLU32700d ago

OHHH Snap another grammar officer, man you guy's or always on point. I'm sorry if your ass got hurt by my misconception of "to" and "too." Your comment proves a point of what I was trying to say DUMBASS gamers who are raging for no reason. Now the reason why I'm raging right now is because of your immature comment... so SHUT THE FUC* UP.

palaeomerus2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

You're raging because you can't get attention any other way. You can't come up with anything intelligent, relevant, or interesting to say so you act like a boring middle school kid and hope someone somewhere is impressed by it.

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