God of War Collection Volume II - Final Packshot unveiled

Sony has now unveiled the final Packshot from the upcoming God of War Collection Volume II.

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I_find_it_funny3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

is this a joke?

SCEE turned the opinion that Europe gets better covers into a myth

phinch3274d ago

Heres some footage of it, seems a good buy still

Perjoss3274d ago

can you play these on ps3? if yes then sign me right up!

norman293274d ago

yeeeer thats sort of the idea lol, remastered in HD for PS3

Kurisu3274d ago

And its in 3D?! Ugh wish I had a 3DTV ready for this and Uncharted 3.

stuna13274d ago

Look around I'm sure you'll find a good deal, since 3d tv's have really dropped in prices.
Also major electronic stores have out of the box deals for a fraction of the cost.

OT: I have been waiting for this! Does anyone know if God of War 1 to 3 will receive 3d support also?

hilyou3274d ago

get the official ps 3dtv 4 500 bucks!

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