Dodonpachi Resurrection Xbox 360 Exclusive PAL Release Confirmed

Rising Star Games’ string on announcements this morning continues with the announcement that the British publisher has secured the rights to bring the cult classic Dodonpachi Resurrection to PAL territories. Dodonpachi Resurrection is the fifth game in CAVE’s Donpachi series, and will be available exclusively on Xbox 360.

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CrescentFang2822d ago

Will it be region free? :)

darthv722822d ago

if they mean it is exclusive to 360 in pal territory or that it is exclusive to 360 and coming to pal territories. Meaning there will be other releases in different territories but only to the 360.

I like the donpachi series. Needs to be more classic shmups released. I really want thunderforce 6

Raider692822d ago

Rising star only publishes in EU country's,but since Deathsmiles black label is free region maybe this will be so.

Peaceful_Jelly2822d ago

Dodpachi is like the god of shmup, too bad there's never a PS3 release of any of those games.

phoenixdown2822d ago

are they high? why would they put it on the 360 but not ps3?

StifflerK2822d ago

Cool , I sure hope they bring Akai Katana and Deathsmiles 2 to EU as well.