Solid Snake Loves Digital Distribution

BT: It seems that the corporate world wants to quash digital distribution and keep the used game market thriving, but Solid Snake has a different idea.

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Snake Raiser3614d ago

I find some hypocrisy in this video. They say that "butt-hurt fanboys" of physical media can't respect others' opinions. Yet they characterize everyone who supports physical media as a butt-hurt fanboy. Obviously they are not respecting gamers' opinions when they don't address any of the reasons people give for supporting physical media. They just resort to the types of insults that I would expect from a 12 year old youtube troll.

Why o why3614d ago

It was kinda funny....for a second but i like both. No need for an 'or'....ill make do with an 'and'

MsmackyM3614d ago

I like not having to swap disk to play games, but I highly doubt the USA broadband infrastructure would be able to handle and digital only distribution of games, especially when every telecom company is now trying to implement caps on data transfer.