Electronic Arts Games Will Continue To Appear On Steam

On an investor conference call yesterday, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello touted the wonders of EA's new download service, Origin, pointing out the obvious fact that the margins (the amount of money EA makes) on each game sale are 100 percent if the games are sold on Origin....

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Trunkz Jr3616d ago

I'm giving them a shot but they better hold amazing deals like steam... I mean if steam sells BC2 for $8 they need to sell it for $6-7

nightmarex1213616d ago

Well steam is like walmart they can sell anything cheap if they wanted to.

saladthieves3616d ago

Exactly. And to make sure this doesn't happen, EA kept BF3 off of Steam.

Ranshak3616d ago

Not supporting EA thats for sure, not after how they treat gamers.

Specially with shutting down servers and crap just so people can buy their next rehash. Sorry i dont like most EA games anyways.

Kamikaze1353616d ago

The reason I refuse to give Origins a chance is because:

1) Their sales are nowhere near as good and frequent as Steam. You'd think since profit go to EA 100%, we'd see more sales since those are all THEIR games.

2) If you don't play your games for 2 years, you have to rebuy them. I'm a casual gamer and there are a ton of games I buy off Steam, but never play right away...I'll play them months after I buy them at times. Or I'll play them then won't touch them for a while. Basically the games aren't yours.

ATi_Elite3616d ago

#2 is the MAIN reason I'm not doing any business with Origins.

EA at some point is gonna screw gamers over by closing servers or making you pay more to play a certain title.

With Steam once you buy a game it's yours and there are proven methods to allow you to play your game in off line mode or even if Steam is off line.

Steam = YOU own your game!
Origins = EA owns your game!

Kamikaze1353616d ago

Not to mention that this is the same company that suspends your EA account if you talk bad about them on their site. With your account suspended, you won't be able to play your EA games (the latest ones, anyway) if you connect online.

EYEamNUMBER13616d ago

to be fair the games on steam aren't yours either
you can only play them as long as you use their client and you can't play them without it so they aren't really yours

no digital download game is ever actually yours if it comes with an extra condition for being able to use it

Kamikaze1353616d ago

You can use the client without an internet connection, so it's never a problem. Also, Steam mentioned that we would be able to keep our games if Steam ever goes under.

I understand that we never really own digital content, but Origins just takes it too far.

Anyway, the same sort of applies to consoles. Get caught doing something you aren't supposed to and your account gets permanently banned. Of course there are ways around that...just like there are ways around Steams DRM, but that's besides the point.

NuclearDuke3616d ago

It is yours. If you purchase a digital game on Steam and they terminate your allowance to play it with no reasoning, you can demand a refund, just like with a retail product that doesn't work.

ATi_Elite3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

@ EYEamNumber0

WRONG.....Steam can fall through a portal and never be seen again and the Combine could come to your house and rip out your Internet and you STILL will be able to play ALL your Steam games.

GOOGLE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and after that try reading the Steam EULA then go read the Origins EULA, you'll be shocked by the G.I. Joe says "Knowing is half the battle"

dragunrising3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

EA routinely had sales and bundles directly through their website(especially their older games). I know because I was on their email mailing list (before Origin). EA's games typically aren't discounted as heavily on Steam as most other games so the difference in discounts or wait to get them(Origin vs Steam) is negligible. Steam has amazing sales because they can price their content as low as they want and as a result manufacture demand, even from much older titles. If you inevitably miss out on a great sale as everyone tends to do, there is a newfound interest and demand for said game. Oftentimes Steam will have a ridiculous one day sale, raise the price and then drop it again not too long after for a slightly more costly sale (better for them).

I'm not in favor of one digital download store over another "winning" however my current preference is Steam because of their pro-consumer policies. If Origin removes their "play the game once in 2 years or you have to rebuy it" crap I probably won't care too much which retailer I buy the game through if the price is right. Eventually EA will come around once they discover why Steam is successful. They might learn the hard way. As of right now...f-k em'.

tunaks13616d ago

seeing as how they are closing servers for recent games, I would buy my games off origin as a last resort.

allyc4t3616d ago

Steam is just too good for me to use anything else. Updates are quick, their game sales are fucking awesome and customer service is pretty decent.

From what I've seen so far, that certainly isn't the case with 'Origin.'

Agent_hitman3616d ago

EA should not pull out any of their games on STEAM, because as we already know, STEAM has the majority of market share in Digital distribution. Even Games for Windows Marketplace is already been pawned by Valve's Steam.

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