A League of Legends Retrospective

VGW: League of Legends has always been the players’ game as much as it has been the project and devotion of Riot Games. Being free-to-play from the start, the company has been heavily reliant on the undying support of the community. Some may rage while others try to keep the peace when expressing their opinions, but regardless, the passion people have shown has allowed it to grow to such impressive numbers. As a game that’s more accessible than DotA, it’s allowed the genre to grow into something much bigger than seen just a few years ago. The balance between ease of jumping in and out of playing the game, along with the enjoyable nature of leveling up your character and trying out different combinations of items, while outplaying your opponents, has made for a very addictive and easy-to-get-into experience. As someone who has been playing the game since 2009, I’ve seen the growth first-hand.

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allyc4t3619d ago

Well written. LoL is the pinacle of F2P games and a great model for future games to follow.

I personally have spent atleast $60 on the game, and I know that my friends have spent even more.

NuclearDuke3619d ago

League of Legends only works because it's said "free". You have to spend a long time playing or alot of cash to unlock the content, which I think is disgusting.

You download this game with 15% of it's content, the rest is either purchased or played for over 200.000 hours(this is calculated on avg. game time crossed with cost of content).

Riot Games have done well, their userbase stepped right into a trap.