Kynapse selected for SEGA's next generation Sonic

Kynogon, the leading A.I. middleware developer, has announced today that SEGA has licensed Kynapse to develop its million-seller title, Sonic on Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3.

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Sevir045865d ago

wow this is prolly gonna be one of the best sonic games to ever grace next gen Consoles this is fabulous ^^ it's true, for a game this gen to be good it's got to have a magnetic story, awesome physics engine and very believable A.I system hope sega does well with this because the last batch of recent Sonic games have been serious MEH!

Sidherich5865d ago

Played the E3 demo of Sonic (Xbox 360) on GC and from a gameplay point of view i saw the excellent physics but the enemies acted pretty dumb. Shooting into my general direction and didnt move at all. Just like every other Sonic game in 3d out there. Maybe the AI is for Boss Battles or for Bots in any Multiplayer mode which would make more sense.

ChickeyCantor5865d ago

they just w8 till you kill them.
so i also think its for bosses.