Release date revealed for Breath of Fire IV on PSN

Capcom’s Christian Svensson has revealed the release date for the digital release of Breath of Fire IV as a PSOne Classic on the Playstation Network.

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Ulf3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

Only one word describes this. That word is awesome. Literally the word awesome, not merely some other awesome word.

I assume they aren't going to release BoF3, though, because it was remade on the PSP already -- and sadly it was not released in NA.

Misterhbk3608d ago

All this means is more games for me to pick up over the course of time for Vita.

tiffac3608d ago

Its hard to argue against that but 4 had the best story in my opinion and has the best potential to have a sequel which Capcom for some reason didn't do.

Da One3608d ago

Our prays have been only Legend of Legaia

Da One3608d ago

Why the people not like good

dylandurden3608d ago

My second JRPG, right after FF VIII. I have fond memories of Bof IV, it was damn good. I remember a friend of mine laughing at the graphics and failing to understand why I was captivated by the game...

Moerdigan3608d ago

It does not have to end with a PSN port of an older title. If this re release sells considerably past projections in the states, It might make capcom turn it's head back in this series direction.

I might actually do a few things to make that happen personally.

Evoluti0n3608d ago

Exactly. Took the words right out of my mouth.

I need BOF 6 or a remake of ANY BOF game, for that matter.

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