Do we really need console racing games with thousands of cars and hundreds of tracks?

Is the future of racing an MMO?

It’s becoming quite evident in the racing genre that if you aren't hugely popular or backed by a big publisher you cannot hope to succeed as a racer in the console market, following recent trends even big titles like Dirt 3 and Shift 2 sell a fraction of what they really should. Is it really worth developing a good racing game anymore?

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badkolo2826d ago

to many cars and customization's and tracks puts me off but is great for enthusiasts so i guess it depends on the game, a mmo racer might actually work, i just feel seperated from games like forza and gta becuase i just wont to race and i couldnt care less about the milion cars and being able to mod the car, i just want to play.

TLG19912826d ago


you mean gran turismo and i love that it has so many cars its great for people who are actually in to cars and have a wide knowledge of cars.

but i suppose if you just want a feel good racer that makes you seem good like call of duty of the fps world then you can go play need for speed.

plmkoh2826d ago

Pretty much, massive car variety also allows for versatility in gameplay. For example GT5 can easily become a quasi F1 racer or something as ridiculous as a go-kart racer if you felt like it, of course you can also go back to the core gameplay and do the Touring events.

So you learn a lot about different car types and you also get great value for money.

Morpheuzpr2826d ago

One of the beauties of GT5 is that you can get your real life car and drive it and upgrade it (since there are so many cars) as well as cars you will never be able to drive in reality.

teething2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I will take quality over quantity any day.

I got Dirt3 and loved it. It may not have the quantity of Forza or GT, but it had tons of quality and was fun as hell. I will take a focused enjoyable experience over a loose one with more options at the cost of quality. You want an awesome rally experience? PLay Dirt3. GT5 rally has nothing on Dirt3, just like how codemasters F1 is untouchable for open wheeled racing.

I love racers. If I want sports cars and real race tracks, I race Forza/GT. If I want Rally I race Dirt3. If I want open wheeled racing... I go to F1 2010. Each excels in their own game, each has their own niche, even if GT and Forza have a larger broader niche.

Phantom-Deutschland2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

basically you're not into car culture,only fun.
I would love to see a massive racing game,like gt5 or forza but with even more customization and much more freedom.
btw by gta you mean gran turismo?)

kneon2826d ago

I've probably put at least a hundred hours into GT5 and only have 350 cars so far. But I would have liked fewer cars if they focused on better cars. There is just so much crap in there, a dozen versions of various Japanese cars that no one cares about. Hundreds of crappy cars that you'd never want to drive in real life nor in a video game.

Where are all the great old race cars of the 30's, 40's and 50's? Even the early cars of the 1910's and 20's would be better than endless bland sedans and econoboxes.

Still love the game and play it every day but I'll take more interesting cars over more cars any day.

news4geeks2826d ago

Quality over quantity in other words. Something GT5 failed at.

theEx1Le2826d ago

I couldn't get into the game the way i did with previous gt games, but I wouldn't say it failed. There is quality in gt5, just some meh too.

kneon2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

With 1000+ cars there's plenty of quality in GT5, but there are just too many "filler" cars that seem to have been added just to pad out the numbers.

MidnytRain2826d ago

^^Yeah. I lol'd when I won a car with 14HP.

kneon2826d ago

I have no problem with the slow cars, some of the hardest races are the slow ones.

What I'm complaining about is that there are 20 versions of the Mazda MX-5, a dozen different Honda Civics and Mazda RX-7s and 40 Nissan SlyLines!!! DO WE REALLY NEED 40!!!

The time wasted making all these redundant cars could have been better spent making a few more unique cars.

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bozebo2826d ago

Dirt 3 is the only non-arcade racing game that I can be bothered playing anymore to be honest, it just feels right unlike most others (I think GT5 is the worst GT). If developers/publishers are looking to cash in, they should make something that properly breaks the mould... where the hell is Rollcage 3?

badkolo2826d ago

sorry i meant gt5, I get the whole car thing, just not into as much as some other car enthusiasts and i hate need for speed type games.

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