5 Elements All Next Gen Consoles MUST Have

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte discusses what we need in the next generation of gaming consoles."It almost seems like yesterday that you able to afford that Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3 that you always wanted. Wait a sec, that was yesterday for some."

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jacksheen00003615d ago

Just give me a powerful and reliable system and new gaming experiences and I will be fine.

decim4te3615d ago

Have a scanner on the controller for all those pesky redeemable codes!

tiffac3615d ago

A reliable and cost effective system that ain't going to burn a hole in the consumers wallet is all that I need. I'm an old school gamer I can survive playing with graphics that does look like the Avatar movie.

Jocosta3615d ago

From the comments it sounds like everyone is content with the current gen. If there is minimal improvement, then what is the point of new hardware?