Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Fake

Dual Pixels - It's fake. It doesn't exist. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a figment of our imagination caused by Square Enix procrastinating and bluntly lying, call it what you like. Versus XIII was really looked at as FFXIII being fixed rather than a title of its own. A different development team, Kingdom Hearts talent in-fact, made it more apparent that SE was going to attempt to undo the evils of FFXIII. Unfortunately, the same publishers are at the top calling the shots so it's more of the same nonsense.

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FanOfGaming2639d ago

Square Enix *facepalm* I wish they'd just be honest about it. They have no real intentions of putting this game out, especially when you think about them going along with FXIII-2

Misterhbk2639d ago

I'm sorry FanOfGaming, but this article is just plain stupid.

Versus XIII as of right now is still a PS3 exclusive. The V-Jump article you linked to was from half a year ago, and has since been snubbed as false.

Versus XIII is also confirmed to still be in dvelopment, and in fact, voice work is currently in the works.


So yeah, the game is not a figment of anyone's imagination. The game will be released. When? That's anyone's guess, but I'll be there when it does get released ready to enjoy it, probably even more than I enjoyed XIII.

TenSteps2639d ago

What would come first FFvsXIII or an announcement of KH3

EYEamNUMBER12639d ago

neither KH3 will be announced only to be completed 5 years later by that time KH4 will also be announced and versus 13 will finally be hitting store shelves

coolfool2639d ago

FFXIII-3 will be first.

NBT912639d ago

I am thinking KH3 will be announced next year, as in 2012 TGS, at which point we will also know a release date for Versus13, so they can go straight from that and finally start something on KH3

nopunctuation2639d ago

Versus is all in our heads. Just like Slash.

DeeZee2639d ago

I'm sure it's real now, but a few years ago it was probably just a trailer.

MaideninBlack2639d ago

I'm sure ppl thought the same about Gran Turismo 5, L.A. Noir, and Red Dead Redemption.

nopunctuation2639d ago

and duke. Not to defend that game because it sucked, but if it can release so can any game.

M2-2639d ago

I don't see FFvs13 staying exclusive to the PS3 to be honest. I mean I can understand why it would be exclusive a few years ago when Square Enix had not tested the water with FF13 on other systems. But FF13 did pretty well on Xbox 360 or at least well enough for the sequel to be released on that platform.

It just wouldn't make sense to bring two Final Fantasy games to multiple platforms and then limit the install base to one with FFvs13. Unless of course Sony paid for exclusivity like they probably did with Agent (which is also taking forever to release).

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Oldsnake0072639d ago

It depends on how much Sony supports the project. If Sony doesn't support it in any form than it will go multiplatform.

Look at MGs4 . It had massive support from Sony and it stayed exclusive to this day.

Optical_Matrix2639d ago

I cracked up hard when I saw the headline haha It's so true though allow it. Lets put this into perspective, I was 13 years old, and in year 9 of secondary school (middle school) when this was announced. I'm now just finished my first year of University...and the games still not out. And to top it off, legit gameplay footage was only shown this pat January. Buck up your ideas SE. Jesus christ.

Jestrella242639d ago

yeah its pretty much true there just teasing the fans till they get there act together

tigertron2639d ago

I was 16, just about to take my final school exams before college. I'm now 21 at university and we still have no idea when this game is coming out. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.