Is GameCrush too tame for you? Might be time to check out StripGamer, instead

Let’s face it. A lot of female gamers weren’t too happy when the GameCrush beta launched last year. GameCrush owner Whamspot is poised to launch the much more “adult” gamer companion site StripGamer sometime in the future.

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DragonKnight2827d ago

I see that Whamspot is nudging ever closer to the inevitable "PornGamer" website.

noxeven2827d ago

Kind of makes me wanna buy the domain name ahead of time just to sell it back to him.

DragonKnight2827d ago

LOL, I'd love to see how pissed it'd make them.

gamingangel2827d ago

I'd be surprised if that domain is still available.

beastgamer2827d ago

If it's free, where should i sign up!
Damn girls, only willing to play if they get paid :(
I wish they had more female gamers.

candybeans2827d ago

Oh, you know it's still pay-to-play.

Simco8762827d ago

Cheaper than the Strip Club I guess...

Hozi892827d ago

this is pathetic, only a bunch of losers would actually sign up with where do I subscribe?

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