Why I'm Not Buying Into the Skyrim Hype

Gaming Irresponsibly writer, J Soloman, is cautiously optimistic about Skyrim. Check out why he wants the game to prove itself and not live off of what worked before.

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gravemaker2824d ago

its TES, its Bethesda, why they need to prove anything? they already did it

agentxk2824d ago

He makes good points though. It is quite hyped, he just wants to make sure that these "improvements" reflect the positive and not the negative from TES

GrieverSoul2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The best way to enjoy Skyrim?
First, dont buy the game at launch. Buy Dark Souls.
Second, wait 2 to 3 months for a GOTY edition with all the DLC
Third, profit!


DualConsoleOwner2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yes. it only has 1 piece everything armor...

RPG without armors?? come on.... Bethesda game without armors??? COme on... i spend most of the time making and hunting equipment for Bethesda games.

BeOneWithTheGun2823d ago

Ive never been disapointed by elder scrolls. Unless they make it on rails with a boomerang as you weapon i will love it.

Ch1d0r12823d ago


im on that same train... Dark Souls FTW... And yes always wait till GOTY for bethesda games.

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blitz0x2824d ago

Very much agreed. A lot of people are screaming "game of the year" already though, so im being cautios about overexciting myself too much.

xPhearR3dx2824d ago

I've seen the game in person myself. It looks freaking incredible, and the demo I saw was pretty well polished minus a few hiccups in the frame rate. I can tell you right now, they didn't "dumb" down the game by any means. They just made the menus and states screen more accessible and easier to navigate. It's not a giant cluster fuck like Oblivion's was.

vickers5002823d ago

"A lot of people are screaming "game of the year" already"

I see that quite a lot with Uncharted 3 as well. People will overhype everything as long as the previous one was good. It's best to attempt to ignore the hype. Though I myself can't help but be excited for Skyrim (even though I didn't think Oblivion wasn't as good as everyone says and actually preferred Fallout 3 more).

Cmpunk2824d ago

brink lol.....

plus why play skyrim when it's a 3d runescape

TheDareDevil2824d ago

Splash Damage made Brink. Bethesda only published it

gravemaker2824d ago

have a faith in people for a change,will ya?

agentxk2824d ago

I am going to continue to look forward to the game, even if it isn't what we expect. As long as it isn't Two Worlds 2, I'll manage to have fun.

Mutant-Spud2824d ago

Yeah ditto,Oblivion wasn't as good as Morrowind but I've still racked up 250+ hours on it and every time I go to get a game off the shelf I look at it and think...hmmmm, I should start another character. Fallout 3 and Vegas are "good" games but there's just something about TES, it's like Halo the environments are actually pleasant to look at for hours on end, no piss yellow filter over everything or nauseating "camera shake" and depth of field effects.

Lovable2824d ago

Yeah call me when Bethesda can finally make a game that is not buggy as hell...

Xof2824d ago

...people like Todd Howard?

What, were you one of the people who thought Fable III was going to be radically different and better than II?


I'm not buying into the Skyrim hype... /because I've played Bethesda games before/!

lMHl2823d ago

dam straight I cant believe my eyes reading these comments havent they seen the 15 minute preview

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Ramas2824d ago

Cant decide buy it for ps3 or pc? i know pc might look better and it is cheaper, but to sit 200 hours near pc might be a torture and when playing on ps3 i just lay on bed and big tv.

NanoSoldier2824d ago

Technically you can also lay on bed while playing on PC. But I know what you mean. I'll get it for 360. And I play on my desk with my 360. I have no problem with this.

zen5552824d ago

If you have a PC TES should always be played on the pc. I understand the comfort part but I cant sacrafice the gfx for comfort. I played oblivion on my while my gf played it on console when it launched and it literally looked like a different game.

pain777pas2824d ago

I thought so too. Depends on what type of controller you have and whether your PC is hooked up to your television. I found a way to effectively use a controller for Oblivion and would not go back to the PS3.

vickers5002823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Hopefully it has PROPER (proper meaning, not motionjoy/pinnaclegameprofiler based) support for gamepads like Fallout New Vegas did for pc (with a 360 wired gamepad).

Using a 360 pad on the PC version actually felt pretty much the same as if I were playing it on the console version, unlike most cases (like 80% of the games I've played on pc).

If you have a 360 gamepad, then download a demo of skyrim if they have it, and if they don't, pirate it JUST TO SEE HOW IT FEELS with the gamepad and if it feels good, then BUY the pc version and use a 360 gamepad, and if it doesn't, just buy the ps3 version. That's what I did with New Vegas and I'm glad I did (ended up buying the pc version, as I don't trust the glitches I've heard about in the ps3 version).

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earbus2824d ago

As soon as dragons were mentioned i lost intrest but i also thought oblivion was very boring zzzzzzzzzz.

Ch1d0r12823d ago

Who know its might be good since its they are copying Fallout 3's leveling system. But yeah, i hate games where you have to travel 100 miles to pick up a note, walk another 100 and kill your objective.

vickers5002823d ago

As soon as dragons were mentioned, I gained interest.

lMHl2823d ago

why dont you go back to that cave you crawled out from and take the person who wrote this article with you

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