Report claims Wii U will force competitors to rethink schedules

A new market research report from iDate states that Nintendo’s competitors are going to have to “rethink their schedules for rolling out their next gen consoles.”

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billyboi1223613d ago

It's going to be an interesting few years that's for sure.

saladthieves3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Oh yeah, that for sure. When the Wii first came out, people proclaimed that it would crash and burn because Nintendo decided not to play the "New Gen, new hardware, more powerful" card just like the others did. But look at what happened :)

It's too early to tell or predict what will happen in the future, but things will sure be interesting the moment Sony and Microsoft release their next gen consoles (which might not be anytime soon).

showtimefolks3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

can offer whatever wii-u is trying to offer now. Both ps3 and xbox360 will have all the 3rd party support plus all their exclusives and a price point by wii u launch that can be 249 or even 199 and nintendo could be in trouble

if nintendo plans on launching wii u with the same kind of software support as 3ds than don't bother and don't give me a port of another zelda

how about this we all blame sony and ms for sequels yet nintendo has been making the same games since i was 7 years old now i am 27

if nintendo's answer is yet another gimmick than they will be so dead they won't even know what wii meant to casuals now kinect means and 10 times more if you look at sales

and that's coming from a pro ps3 fan but MS has created an monster with kinect and both nintendo and sony needs to watch out

this could be a console than can do well like wii or could do poorly like gamecube

end of the day if nintendo proves to me and many others they can present us with core games we are all interested but if you mean mario in hd that can be done on a pc

and please press disagree but you know that fact there have been countless zelda ports and many many mario games

if that's the case why blame MS for halo series if the argument is it sells than halo sells more than anything after COD

saladthieves3612d ago


Your statement makes sense but again, like I said it's too early to start speculating about price points. We don't even know the full hardware specs of the upcoming Wii U. Nintendo has kept a tight leash on this information as I'm guessing they haven't yet finalized it.

So saying that Nintendo will be in trouble if the competition releases their consoles at say $249 would be speculating at best. It COULD be that the competition would be in trouble if they released their consoles at a price point higher. See it works both ways!

It's no secret that Nintendo's 3rd party support, compared to say Sony or Microsoft, has been really lacking. Most 3rd party developers turned down the Wii because it wasn't a viable option in their eyes. They would have to either dumb down the game graphically or release a whole entirely different designed game. This issue I believe is being addressed by Nintendo with the Wii U.

It's true, Microsoft has a very successful device, the Kinect. But if they don't support it with good titles (currently very few) there is a chance that it could slowly come falling down. I have a feeling the moment Wii U is released, Kinect will have some tough competition as we all can't deny how popular Nintendo's Wii has been! Currently there is nothing that makes one say "I MUST buy a Kinect". Microsoft needs to work on this and fast.

Kurisu3612d ago

I agree, billyboi. I didn't really understand what the Wii U was all about when I first read about it, but after watching the trailer ( it seems like it could have a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing how Sony and Microsoft approach their next gen hardware.

Machioto3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I dont know about potential ,because some of the action depicted in the video didn't seem necessary like when those people where playing that board game,the segment with the girl playing baseball , they could have done that with the wiimote the part where they were throwing the shuriken and playing golf with the wii pad and using the wiimote together its like they're selling a universal joy pad for the wii instead of a new console.

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BubbleSniper3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I'll buy it, but... it could be Xbox 360 VS the PC all over again. and we all know who wins on the visuals, content prices and availability front... if Nintendo wants to compete in the Hardcore market, they have to give it their all.

Their first party offerings have to mature into full HD titles that come with the gameplay innovations that we come to expect from Nintendo.

The next gen is going to be so interesting, that it is intangible at best as to how all 3 (4, PC) will end up. when talking about Marketshare.

I will certainly call out Nintendo if they decide to half-ass it.

GusBricker3612d ago

How about shutting the fuck up and finishing Skyward Sword before spewing anymore bullshit about WiiU.


amilio3612d ago

ammmmmmmm i think they are :P

meganick3612d ago

This report is coming from iDate, not Nintendo. So Nintendo isn't spewing anything.

Ares843612d ago

I'm not really that psyched about the Wii U. I'm more interested what MS and Sony will bring to the table next gen. I just hope neither is Motion Control centered.

guitarded773612d ago

As a gamer in my 30's I too am more interested in Sony and MS's next consoles, but by nostalgia also makes me want an HD Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus (not that crap on 3DS) and Mario game. I'm really interested to see how Nintendo does their online this go around, and if they add trophy/achievement support. If they can make all this happen, I'm in... even after I said I'd never buy another Nintendo console again after the Wii. My multi-platform titles will still be on my other consoles, but HD Nintendo exclusives with trophies/achievements would make the console worth the investment for me. I also want to see Nintendo make some NEW IPs for this next console (high hopes... I know).

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