Square-Enix unveils line-up for Tokyo Game Show

Square-Enix has confirmed that a video of highly anticipated PlayStation 3 title Final Fantasy XIII will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.
Speaking to Eurogamer, a spokesperson said it was highly likely that the video will contain previously unseen footage, as will a trailer for FFXIII Versus.

PS2 title Dawn of Mana will be playable at the event, alongside Project Sylpheed for Xbox 360, FFIII for DS and FFXI for the PS2 and 360. Other games on show will include Chocobo Magic Picture Book and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, both for the DS.

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Loudninja5867d ago

You know ther eis an xbox 360 game there right? Or are you jsut to blind by fanboyism to notice?

PS3 Ultimate5867d ago

There are blind X Box 360 fans lol. They vote lame to ANYthing that has to do with PS3. Its what fanboyism is. Even though I am a Sony fanboy I would'nt go that far saying to any 360 game that it is lame. I do respect the X Box 360. But its the fanboys that ruin it. But anyway since 360 fans like to bash. I'm gonna say this loud and I'm gonna say it PROUD. The FUTURE is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

PS3 Ultimate5867d ago

You would think us Sony fanboys started it but you're wrong. a year before the oroginal X Box came out there were already some people saying that X Box will be way better than PS2 and beyond that. The fact was clear that PS2 was the better console because of its games and u did not need to buy a DVD kit in order to play DVDs. As you may know my little brother got an X Box 2 years and a half ago and even now has never play a DVD movie on the X Box which is a shame.