Indie devs win $250,000 from Activision

Today, Activision announced the winners of the first wave of the Activision Independent Games Competition, giving $250,000 to two developers.

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Son_Lee2823d ago

Wow, an Activision story that DOESN'T talk about them being greedy bastards. Sign of the apocalypse?

More well-off studios need to give money to indie developers. It's the main source of creativity and risk in gaming.

Christopher2822d ago

Actually, Activision does now own the IPs and will take home at least 50% of the profits. They wouldn't award the money if they didn't see the potential for making money off of the work of others.

But, it's still good that Indie devs are being given this chance.

egidem2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Activision trying to smile through those crocodile teeth. Just trying.

Agent_hitman2822d ago

Don't step on Activision's trap... or you will end up like Infinity ward.. yeah infinity ward's nightmare, their CEO's has been fired by kotick..

Don't surrender you IP's to them.. please

jozzah2822d ago

You know the second that these companies start making money Activision will be like WELL WE GAVE YOU $250K SO JUST GIVE US ALL YOUR PROFITS AND WE SHALL BE EVEN -_-

SKUD2822d ago

Let keep it real. They were MS points.

CaptainMarvelQ82822d ago

that's 0.0001% from call of duty's profits

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