Game Downloads Are Fastest in Rhode Island, Slowest in Idaho

Game download speeds are important to any gamer, and while online games and services (and even cloud gaming) are becoming bigger everyday, fast, reliable broadband internet is still not as prevalent in the U.S. as it needs to be. That's clearly evident from a new study conducted by content delivery specialist Pando Networks, which is the provider for popular free-to-play and online games such as League of Legends, Lord of the Rings Online and MapleStory.

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iPhoneGeek2823d ago

I live in RI and have internet through my cable provider, Cox. Speeds are great! Didn't know it was because of the State I live in. lol

xtheownerzx2823d ago

Dude your in RI so am I LOL I bet it be because the amount of ppl in the state. I thought this was funny

iPhoneGeek2823d ago

LOL Ya, tiny State and less people too. I guess living in RI has its perks.