God of War Collection: Volume II Release Date Revealed

Electronic Theatre recently broke the news that the forthcoming God of War Collection: Volume II would feature not just the PlayStation Portable (PSP) editions of the franchise remade for PlayStation 3, as had previously been rumoured, but also that a new documentary would be included within the package. Further information has come to light today, suggesting that the release of God of War Collection: Volume II may not be too far in the future.

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SonyNGP2825d ago

I'll pass. I has my eyes on ICO/SOTC Collection :3

SuperStrokey11232825d ago

Why not get both? They are dirt cheap. Im going to get both for sure. Love the GOW series and never got to play the second one on PSP.

SonyNGP2825d ago

I can if I want to, but I'm pretty sure my bro's picking it up just like how he picked up the first Collection.

Besides, I care about ICO/SOTC more than GoW.

Rynx2825d ago

I'm going to wait for the version that Germany is getting, which consist of all the PS2-PS3-PSP GOW games. I know it's going to come to the US.

SuperStrokey11232824d ago

Do you have a source on that Rynx?

pneboy2825d ago

i thought it was announced on the ps blog for the 18th or 27th

MOTY2825d ago

So a "remade" PS2 in HD collection for the fans is about to be "re-released" with "more" content than the original is about to be released 2 years since the first "re-release"....

Talking about trying milking your loyal fans. These are PS2 games redone in HD for the fans. It's not like a 2 year old game getting re-released with all the DLC in it. All this new content SHOULD have been in the original "remade" HD version.


Information Minister2825d ago

What are you talking about? The 2 GoW games that were remade and released on the PS3 last year were the PS2 games, and those are NOT getting "re-released". God of War Collection: Volume II consists of the 2 PSP games which were previously unavailable on the PS3. That's why it's called "Volume II", because it features entirely different content.

Get your facts straight you dumb troll. You may look less like an idiot next time.

2825d ago
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