GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Comic-Con 2011 Preview (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature preview:

"Remember all those years ago when someone was spreading around the rumor that Rare was considering a re-release of the Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye? Those rumors went over pretty well, complete with fake screenshots and reports that Activision had picked up on the project. Alas, the game never surfaced, though Rare did try to comfort the fan base by releasing a fairly faithful port of Perfect Dark instead – one that certainly suited them for the time being. Now imagine the irony. After the demanding public had calmed down and Goldeneye had found a re-release on the Nintendo Wii last year (complete with an all new story mode featuring now-Bond Daniel Craig, replacing Pierce Brosnan from the original), we FINALLY get Goldeneye on Xbox 360. But it's not the classic version, rather a revamped version of the Wii game that turned heads last year. Get ready for Goldeneye 007: Reloaded."

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FragMnTagM3612d ago

I'll at least give it a rental. If it's good I may even pick it up. Love me some proximity mines.