Myth Busting: Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

This 'format war' is just getting started, and is not likely to be decided anytime soon. Each format has it's supporters among gadget geeks and HD enthusiasts… often at shouting levels (or ALL CAPS in the various HD forums out in cyberland). What is it about human nature that causes people to takes sides on everything? Regardless, there is a lot of misinformation out there spread by either the misinformed, ignorant or those seeking to undermine the 'enemy' for some twisted reason. One of the biggest offenders are the 'experts' at your local big box electronic stores like Best Buy. These people are told to push their product, and if they have a big stack of unsold Blu-Ray layers, then that day Blu-Ray is the better choice. You get the idea.

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crunchie1014002d ago

..but the author doesn't explain why they think HD-DVD will win in the end.

highps34002d ago

Good luck with HD DVD though. You'll need it.

darthv724002d ago

Granted it would have been nice to see him finish that statement with an objective view. I would say price as that is mostly a deciding factor. At least in the US.

Fan Tastic4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

This will give them a Spike for a week or two then back to crap sales compared to blu-ray.

It has been funny reading all the complaints from new owners on these products of not loading, super slow. Stuttering and movies not even playing.

Content is King and Blu-ray is where it is as. Universals contract with HD DVD expires in 2008. Warner is going blu in 2008. Paramount's contract will be the last to expire but it will.

M$'s only hope is to continue the war further and try to stall adoption. They may do another power play and extend more money to Paramount to go beyond 18 months.

Good thing is HD DVD has been hacked and movies like The Matrix, Tranformers, Top Gun, etc are already out on the PS3 :P

Really the most pathetic things are the rampant fanboys. 360 $heep hate blu-ray despite it being superior simply because it is affiliated with Sony (Blu-ray is much bigger than Sony but the $heep only see Sony).

xm15e2s4002d ago

$98 Toshiba HD-DVD players = game over for Blu-ray. Believe it.

Just give it time...

chester4002d ago

if it's just going to be a spike in sales for a couple weeks, and then HD-DVD will go back to getting killed by BR, it makes me wonder.....

we are seeing pretty much the exact same thing with the 360 vs the ps3 in terms of sales. spikes due to price manipulations, then back to the pre-price drop numbers. so why are sony fanboys thinking that the ps3 is different then HD-DVD?

not trying to troll, i just love it when fans on both sides use arguments to support their given platforms that also could be applied to why their other platforms won't find success.

WilliamRLBaker4002d ago

Wheres my rattle? I hate M$! those money grubbers have made my comment totally null cause I used that name.

"Universals contract with HD DVD expires in 2008. Warner is going blu in 2008. Paramount's contract will be the last to expire but it will."

Every single point false, Universals contract comes up but that means they will be free to do blu ray and HD DVD.

Warner is going blu ray in 2008? what a liar you are.

Paramount will be free to release on both formats....

So basically you said all this crap that has no basis in reality.

Close_Second4002d ago

When stating opinion as fact either say its your opinion or link to the source of the fact.

What if in 2008 Paramount decides to stay with HD?
What if Warner decide to back HD exclusively as well?
What if studios stop supporting HD formats entirely in favor or a new format or Digital Distribution?

There are simply too many unknowns and whilst consumers are expected to buy two players to ensure they can watch all movies then anyone who buys into either new format is playing a dangerous game. Some will get lucky and others will get lumbered with the new betamax.

ddog48404002d ago

Point 1 - Blue Ray is definitely going to win. I was talking about this at work just today... a 50 Gig blue ray disk can pretty much back up all the important stuff on a computer. what does the future hold? 250 gig? Blue-ray will always hold more then HD. Going for the inferior format is pointless.

Point 2 - (and this was already stated) Its built in to the ps3. So as long as ps3 is around so will it.

Point 3 - Sony will eventually beat xbox360. For the most part the Wii is largely bought by different consumer than the 360 or ps3 will entice. The Wii is played mostly by Children and Families. And if you are a hardcore gamer with the Wii you will mostly pick up a second machine. For the last 10 years we've all played the ps2. SCEA has too many games that they make that we all love. Plus the exclusives they do have are too good. God of war 3, Grand Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Metal Gear 4, Final Fantasy 13 just to name a few.

I mean I'm really not trying to sound fanboyish, rather i'm trying to analyzing the situation here. All of these games for next year? How can a system with all this fail? Xbox will have .... Gears of War 2 Exclusively. That’s not going to cut it. Microsoft needs to buy at least 2 of the 3: Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear, or Killzone.... The others are all SCEA. PS2 was my first DVD player! And these 5 games will be why blue ray wins. As ps3 sells more and more and HDTVs get cheaper and cheaper people will want to utilize there HD format a little bit. Like when 300 came out for blue-ray... that made me go out and buy my first blue ray. Then they will buy them exclusively.

And It will happen. I'm not sure if you all have watched a High Def movie before.... I'll tell you what.. DON'T DO IT. BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOING BACK! I finally got the 1080p TV (40 inch Samsung) to go with my ps3. I went from a normal 480 27 inch television. It is utterly amazing watching Blue-rays and Gaming. I couldn't even imagine going back to how I played games and watched TV just a week ago before this purchase. I will never buy or rent a normal DVD again.. I can't .. its too good. Because people will have a ps3 in there house they will have immediate access to this greatness. I'm not saying HD DVD has any less quality... I bet it does look just as good. But because of the ps3's line up and the built-in upscaler for your existing DVD collection... blue ray is what they will use. To think.. it will be Konami and Square Enix that lead blue-ray to win.

Point 4 - This is the dumbest.. but just way too true. Blue Ray sounds cooler. HD-DVD or Blue-Ray. HD-DVD ... saying 5 letters to address something is annoying. Blue ray just sounds cool. Honestly this shouldn't matter, but it will. If someone wants a high def machine and all they know is the two are exactly the same visually with two different names... they are gonna pick the better name. Even the blue ray logo is more attractive.

rich13er4001d ago

Just cause the model is last years does not mean its crap. Most people own HD tvs supporting 720P/1080i. I sound like your the sheep following $ony.

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Beren4002d ago

Lately i see a lot of "news" , from any site, blog, or whatever place. N4G is loosing credibility, and i believe that they should make a better research on what to approve. This is not an "i post whatever i see on the net" ... well it is now :/
I believe that i will get bashed , but i am only saying what i think, to have a better community :O

highps34002d ago

This site is filled with teenagers acting as reporters. This site is at an all time low. Its not credible, just annoys people, and rarely post correct news.

All just rumors, garbage articles, with a bunch of idiots posting comments. Including myself.

Beren4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Thx highps3 i see now that i made a Huge mistake joining here. Thx a lot.
Heh i was thinking like , this place is really weird, well i really hope that everyone gets better and this nonsense war stop. I will start helping not to comming here anymore :D
Thx to all
EDIT; oh and 1 bubble to you !!!

mighty_douche4002d ago

love mythbusters....

hate reading about dvd sales....

Expy4002d ago

lol @ more propaganda trying to save HD-DVD.

xm15e2s4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

When your players are $98 (with 5 free movies) you don't need propaganda to sell them.

Now, when they are $500 on the other hand...

Adamalicious4002d ago

Please post a link to where I can buy an HD-DVD player for $98. That's a Full HD (1080p) player right? I can just walk right into Walmart or Best Buy or Circuit City and get this price?

Please inform me so I can buy one for $98 right away.

WilliamRLBaker4002d ago

2. Only 1080p resolution players deliver true HD picture, so you need a 1080p TV and player.

FALSE. Television is measured by horizontal lines of resolution. A standard DVD has 480 lines of resolution, while high definition DVDs have either 720 or 1080 lines. Either are considered a high definition picture. TVs also accept signals in either interlaced or progressive format. An interlaced signal means the lines on your TV screen appear in alternation. First the even lines are shown (2,4,6 etc), then the odd lines. They are displayed so fast that your eye cannot see the flicker of them alternating, and you have the illusion of a full picture. This is the way TV has been shown since it’s invention. Progressive signals show all the lines in order, with no skipping or flickering. HD signals are in both flavors and resolutions, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. A lot of people want to make a big deal out of “true” 1080p signals, but the truth is that your HDTV has a built in “deinterlacer”, which takes an interlaced signal and interpolates it using various methods to create a progressive picture. The result is that the human eye cannot distinguish between a 1080i or 1080p picture when properly deinterlaced.

Most people will be quite happy with a 720p HDTV. In fact it’s difficult to tell the difference between a 1080p and 720p picture on all but a very large TV. If you are planning on buying a 46″ or less HDTV, 720 would be perfect for you. If you are getting over 50″ or especially if you are getting a projector, then 1080p would make a difference.

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