Need for Speed The Run - Five Brand New Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "EA has just released five new screenshots for their arcade racer, Need for Speed The Run."

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Nizzy792828d ago

looks good... but then again it looks like the last nfs

Godchild10202828d ago

The images looks good, but shows nothing different. I want some real gameplay that shows off the speed of some of the vehicles and not some gameplay video that shows off the Main character getting out the car and running. It's nice but I want to drive and blow past police at 120 miles per hour and not run on a building past them at 3-9 miles per hour(that is if he can fun that fast).

Bathyj2828d ago

Isnt anyone else getting sick of hearing Need for Speed?

I mean, I know each variation is aiming for different things but cmon, why not make a new franchise?

3 NFS's in a year is too much, its getting worse than CoD and Guitar Hero was.

UltimateIdiot9112828d ago

Or better yet, focus all that resources and time onto one bigger and better NFS.

CaptainMarvelQ82828d ago

Yeah,Hot Pursuit was great;still not comparable to the old hot pursuits,but great never the less

ddkshah2828d ago

Shift is NOT a Need For Speed title. It's a wanna be realistic racing simulator. The run oth is a true nfs title that seems to change the whole series into something better. The run is going all across america, show me any racing game that is doing this.

Bathyj2827d ago

I'm not complaining about the quality of the games.

I'm just saying if you over use a phrase, it loses all meaning.

If they start bringing out 4 Need for Speed games a year, even if they have different secondary names or focuses, they still all start to run together on a release schedule.

killerhog2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

not interested in this at all. its more flashy hollywood movie than actual racing. rockstar tease us with an efffing new midnight club already!!!!! and put these wannabes to shame; like ya did to call of jaurez. you want speed? you want REAL traffic? you want great car detail? you want tuning? you want fun cop chases? then get midnight club: LA if you havent; and wait patiently for the next iteration.

Inzo2827d ago

Looks cartoony, they must stop with this crap and give us an HD remake of Most Wanted, because, and lets face it, that was the last great N4S title.