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GameZone's Lance Liebl previews the free-to-play MMORPG Rusty Hearts, from Perfect World. The closed beta is starting today, July 27th, and Lance describes the game and what players have to look forward to.

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athmaus2825d ago

thank you for the preview, looks like an interesting game to play while i wait for others coming out this fall :)

DemonStration2825d ago

Wow this looks a lot better than I was expecting

CLOUD19832825d ago

The battle system is where this game shine as the author of the article say, I try it to see if its worth it I am Lv9 atm and the game looks better and better as you progress some bosses need specific strategy to kill them and the moves you have in your disposal is many the game-play is rich and very fun I recommend this game to any1 who want to pass some exciting moments slaying monsters in dungeon, sewers and other dark places :P

TomFG2823d ago

Looking good. Great preview!